Ricardo Lagos spoke about his goals with Alianza Lima for 2022 and sent a message to the fans

The winger made his professional debut with the César Vallejo University in Liga 2. Photo: Alianza Lima.

Ricardo Lagos, side of Lima Alliance, spoke with the press area of ​​Alianza Lima and made it clear what his goals are for the 2022 season, where he will seek the bi-championship of the League 1 and leave a good image on the Liberators cup. In addition, the 25-year-old soccer player sent a message to the ‘blue and white’ fans.

“We are working hard, we are working in the best way. Every player that comes to this squad knows what they are coming for, knows what we have achieved last year and we want great things. We have to prepare ourselves in the best way and that is what we are doing every day”, commented the athlete who is doing the pre-season with the entire squad at the Colegio de la Inmaculada.

On the other hand, the former Carlos A. Mannucci was self-critical with his last season and mentioned that he trains to improve. “I hope to have a better version, I hope to be in the best shape, to be able to improve many things in which I have been failing in the last season. I think this year is going to be very nice, full of great things, great projects.

Finally, he left a message to all the “intimate” fans. “Tell the fans that thank you very much for the support you have always given, for your unconditional support, also ask them to take care of themselves so that we can have them on the field again. Being able to enjoy your help and company, I hope we can all be together again.”

Ricardo Lagos came to Alianza Lima from Carlos A. Mannucci and became champion in his first year at the institution.


After an excellent 2020 with Carlos A. Mannucci, Ricardo Lagos reached an agreement with Alianza Lima. that then he had planned to play the second division of Peruvian soccer. However, the winger didn’t think twice and accepted the ‘blue and white’ proposal. In the 2021 season he managed to be present in 29 games and added four goals and two assists, being one of the most influential footballers of the last campaign.


– Cesar Vallejo University

– Carlos A. Mannucci

– Lima Alliance


In 2016, the César Vallejo University lost the category and had to play in League 2 in 2017. Thinking of returning to League 1 as quickly as possible, they hired veteran and young soccer players. Among the youngest was Ricardo Lagos, who fulfilled the function well on the left and played 20 commitments in that campaign until he was promoted to first.

However, the “Poetas” decided not to have him for 2018 and he stayed in the second division. The classic rival decided to hire him and that year he played with Carlos A. Mannucci, who would get promoted to first that same year. For this season, the defender added 29 games and scored six goals.

Ricardo Lagos was promoted to Liga 1 in 2018 with Carlos A. Mannucci.
Ricardo Lagos was promoted to Liga 1 in 2018 with Carlos A. Mannucci.


Alianza Lima reported in a statement the termination of the contract of Ecuadorian soccer player Gabriel Achilier. The defender’s record belonged to the club until December 2022. The 36-year-old player reached an agreement with the Alianza Lima club to formalize his contractual separation without playing a single game in the “blue and white” shirt.

“The Alianza Lima club communicates that it has reached an agreement with the player Gabriel Achilier for the termination of the contract that linked him to our institution. We wish Gabriel the greatest success in his sports career”, can be read in the statement.

Alianza Lima announced termination of contract with Gabriel Achilier
Alianza Lima announced termination of contract with Gabriel Achilier


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