Professor and sociologist Fabián Sanabria was charged with sexual abuse of one of his students

In the photo: Fabián Sanabria, professor accused of alleged sexual abuse. (Colprensa – Juan Páez).

Through a statement, in the last hours, The accusing body accused Fabián Sanabria Sánchez, a professor at the Faculty of Human Sciences of the National University of Colombia, of committing an alleged sexual abuse against one of his students in 2020.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the determination is given in response to the complaint filed on July 23, 2020, by the Feminist Commission on Gender Affairs of the Department of Anthropology of the National University, in which it reports different complaints from some professors linked to said educational institution, it became necessary to create a working group within the Sexual Crimes Unit of the Sectional Directorate of Prosecutors of Bogotá, in order to carry out a detailed study and analysis of each of the cases presented.

The foregoing gave rise to the case involving the sociologist Fabián Sanabria Sánchez, according to the evidence obtained by a prosecutor from the Sexual Crimes Unit of the Bogotá Section, for events that occurred on September 23, 2013.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the defendant summoned a young man to his apartment, located in the Las Aguas sector of downtown Bogotá, who was interested in receiving his resume to get a job, but he would have taken advantage of the financial difficulties of his student and allegedly forced him to have sex with him.

In the investigation it was established that During the meeting, the teacher would have offered the 25-year-old young man a dark drink that made him dizzy.

Later, I would have kissed him and, although the visitor tried to flee and resist, apparently the teacher used violence to subdue him and sexually abused him.

Given the facts and the accusation, Professor Fabián Sanabria Sánchez did not accept the charge determined by the investigating entity.

Mónica Godoy, an anthropologist from the National University of Colombia, complainant and companion of the case, has indicated that “The victim has had to narrate this situation of violence several times for the investigation before the authorities. The emotional and physical effort made by victims in search of justice in this country is colossal and the results are often meager.”

In addition, he assured that the professor’s complainant has been the object of criticism during the time that the case came to light. It should be remembered that the young man joins one of the several students who filed complaints against Sanabria Sánchez for alleged sexual abuse.

In December 2021, Godoy pointed out from his Twitter account that the defendant and his lawyer, Cielo Rusinque, have re-victimized the people who have filed complaints against the professor.

The accused professor and his lawyer, Cielo Rusinque, have revictimized those who denounced them through various media, denying the existence of formal complaints, inventing an alleged political plot, accusing us of fabricating false evidence, and generating a situation of cyber violence. and harassment against us”, Godoy said in a statement published on the social network.

Likewise, in the letter he specified: “We had to go through mistreatment and harassment by officials from the Headquarters Disciplinary Oversight Office so that finally, just a few weeks ago, they recognized the victims as procedural subjects. With this they began to respect, although only partially, the right to non-confrontation.”


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