PNP: They create a special unit to locate and capture “The Dynamics of the Center”

Avelino Guillen, Minister of the Interior. Photo: Ministry of the Interior.

Efforts intensify to find Los Dynamicos del Centro after 100 days without hearing from them. This was announced by the head of the Ministry of the Interior (Mininter), Avelino Guillén, who revealed that A special unit of the National Police of Peru (PNP) has been created with the sole objective of locating and capturing this criminal organization.

“I am going to announce that there is a police team that has been formed with a single objective: location and capture of Los Dinámicos del Centro. That is what I can reveal to you. There is a unit made up of active policemen with this mission. In that sense, we suddenly expect a plan with what has been ordered”, Minister Guillén commented to Exitosa.

The head of the Mininter gave these statements during a press conference that served to detail about the dismantling of the criminal organization Los Lobos Rojos, involved in kidnappings, human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

This organization would have been responsible for the disappearance, in the Cercado de Lima, of a minor under 14 years of age, who was later found in the city of Arequipa.

Photo: Captura @MininterPeru
Photo: Captura @MininterPeru


In December 2021, the Judiciary issued 36 months of preventive detention and an arrest warrant against Arturo Cárdenas and Eduardo Reyes, two members of Perú Libre who are linked to the Dinámicos el Centro and accused of financing an electoral campaign in Junín with funds illicit from the trafficking of driver’s licenses. Vladimir Cerron, leader of the party in question, and peter castle, President of the Republic, would have benefited from this action.

This was stated by prosecutor Bonnie Bautista, from the Second Provincial Office of the Junín Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office. She indicated that the traffic of certificates would have increased in April of this year, as a result of the fact that the political party with which the regional authorities of Junín applied went to the second electoral round.

According to the tax thesis, the order issued by the Regional Government of Junín was to raise more money by capturing more applicants and even spending up to 50 per day, those who, without meeting the requirements of the National Traffic Regulations, benefited from driver’s licenses.

He explained that the minimum amount that had to be paid to the Regional Directorate of Transport and Communications for each applicant was 500 soles and that, if 30 and 40 applicants were favored per day, they are talking about a minimum amount of 15,000 and up to 36,000 soles. who entered illegally as a result of bribes.

It should be remembered that both Cárdenas and Reyes have remained fugitives from justice since October 6, 2021, the date on which Judge Jorge Chávez Támariz issued preventive detention against them in the first instance and ordered their capture.


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