Madness in Panamericana: a driver dragged a trucker down the highway after a violent traffic discussion

Madness in Panamericana: a man dragged a trucker down the highway

a new fact of extreme violence in the framework of a traffic discussion was registered in the Pan-American Highway, when In an incredible way, a driver dragged another hanging from his car for hundreds of meters and in the middle of traffic on that highwaypolice sources confirmed to Infobae.

The incident was recorded on videos recorded by other drivers circulating in the area. In the images you can see how the dragged subject, a truck driver, yells at the aggressor: “You’re crazy in the head, look how I am!”. As he screams, he points to his wounds.

Juan Caamaño’s car (49)

According to police sources, the fight originated when Juan Caamano (49) aboard Toyota Corolla performs a bad maneuver in front of the truck driven by Josue Kadur (30). They both stop and after arguing they take fist bumps.

In the midst of the violent situation, another driver identified as Narciso Gómez (51) intervenes, who was driving a Honda City. Caamaño then gets into his Toyota and tries to leave the scene, which is why Kadur gets on the hood.

For several meters, Caamaño dragged Kadur until the truck driver fell to the asphalt when the Toyota brakes abruptly. So, in the place, a new discussion and fight between the same men develops, but this time other drivers stop with the intention of mediating. UFI of San Isidro intervenes.

Joshua Kadur's truck (30)
Joshua Kadur’s truck (30)

The postcards of violence continue to be replicated as the summer season continues: the streets of Mar del Plata They were the scene of another violent fight between young people, which occurred last weekend at dawn near Playa Chica.

The confrontation, whose images were captured by witnesses who passed by the place, occurred after 6 in the morning in the vicinity of a branch of “Manolo”, a popular Mar del Plata gastronomic establishment.

“It was between 6 and 6.30; we just saw it when we were leaving work,” witnesses told 0223, the first medium to broadcast the video of the beating among young people.

The last weeks of 2021 also registered violence in the framework of the festivities. During the early morning and afternoon of December 25, five districts of the Province of Buenos Aires were the scene of situations of extreme violence between groups of young people, where four ended up hospitalized with gunshot wounds, fractures, cuts and blows to different parts of the body. .

In the Buenos Aires town of Temperley, a street Christmas celebration ended with bottle banging, injuries and theft of cell phones and wallets. The most relevant fact is that in the midst of the lack of control, some criminals took advantage of steal a van that was parked on the spotin view of all those present


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