Joaquín Levinton’s night at Masterchef Celebrity: crossover with Tomás Fonzi and duel with La Tigresa Acuña

Thursday of “last chance” in Masterchef Celebrity 3 (Telefe)

Thursday night of “last chance” in Masterchef Celebrity 3 (Telefe) and, with it, an opportunity to escape the next elimination Sunday. After a brief challenge in which everyone had to fish a rubber duck from a pool that would give them the order to occupy the different stations, they were each placed in their place. So the door was opened to the next phase of the challenge.

After they went to the market in pairs to get the necessary ingredients to make a free dish, the jury announced: “Today there will be a little unforeseen event. They will have to exchange their basket with the teammate next to them,” Donato de Santis told the participants. “They have to cook with the ingredients that the others chose”, he explained. A) Yes, Luisa Albinoni swapped ingredients with Malena Guinzburg; Denise Dumas with Marcela The tigress Coins; Y Thomas Fonzi with Joaquin Levinton.

The circumstance generated the first short circuit of the night. “Do they give me Joaquín? oops… ok, ok”, lamented Fonzi backstage. “God likes to make heavy jokes and that is more than knownlaughed the Turf singer, who had asked the actor to get him some ingredients at the market. Thus, he managed to do what was necessary to prepare what he had in mind, although in a fortuitous way.

Joaquín Levinton crossed paths with two participants on Thursday’s “last chance” at Masterchef Celebrity 3

With the 60 minutes running and with the pulses at a thousand, the participants came and went through the kitchen. At one point, Fonzi went to get utensils from the pantry and was intercepted by Levinton, who asked him for a tip for his plate. “That for cauliflower is beautiful,” the actor returned. Behind the camera, the singer justified himself: “I burn Tomás’s head a little bit because in some way he is responsible for my problems… because the basket that touched me was his!“, He said.

“Sesame too?” Joaquín asked Tomás again, managing to irritate him. “Not only does he have my basket, but he wants to know what I was going to do.”, Fonzi stated. “And what else, che?” insisted the musician. “What’s up, jerk? What more you want??”, replied the actor, totally disconcerted by his partner’s questions. “And well, asshole, it’s your tray,” Levinton tried to apologize. “No! it’s your plate”, Closed Fonzi, who behind the camera added: “Not only does he want to know what I was going to cook, but he wants the step by step”.

“Let him take over, right?” Levinton said, wanting to tip the scales in his favor. “I don’t want that responsibility, I don’t want it!”, Tomás cut with a laugh generated, after all, by the overwhelming charisma of the hit composer.

Joaquín Levinton presented a milanesa of tenderloin with fried breaded cauliflower and sauce in Masterchef Celebrity 3
Joaquín Levinton presented a milanesa of tenderloin with fried breaded cauliflower and sauce in Masterchef Celebrity 3

Fonzi was the penultimate to go on to present his dish, after the jury successively bowled Dumas, The Tigress, Guinzburg Y Albinoni. The actor prepared a rack of pork on a corn cream and covered with grains of the same vegetable. Despite his dedication, he was also unable to convince the jury and kept one of the black aprons, going directly to the elimination day.

What is missing is for Joaquín to make the best dish and we all shoot ourselves”, ironized La Tigresa before the Turf singer approached the stage with his plate. “Ah, how cool,” Levinton returned, hurt. “But with the wave that you were throwing at all your colleagues, my love, do you complain?”, the former boxer justified her comment. “But if it’s a joke… you have no humor!” Joaquín closed before reaching Donato, Germán Martitegui and Damián Betular and surprising them with an otherwise simple dish: milanesa of loin with cauliflower in two textures, breaded fried and in sauce.

Although the jury viewed the preparation with distrust (”Making a milanesa in this instance is suicide”, snapped Martitegui) the two versions of cauliflower allowed him to stand out for a light from the rest of the dishes and Levinton got the direct pass to the balcony to avoid elimination Sunday.


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