How to enter the Villa Panamericana if I get COVID-19 (Complete Guide)

Learn what to do to be served at the Villa Panamericana. Andean: Pictures

When the diagnosis of contagion is confirmed, Peruvians have among their options to go to the Villa Panamericana, one of the sites designated by the Government of Peru so that specialized medical personnel can attend to all patients who are isolated and constantly monitored.

If you or a family member is infected with COVID-19, and you need to enter one of the available rooms, there are a series of steps you need to follow to process your access, the time you will remain in one of its towers under medical surveillance, food, and more.

Important: in total there are 2,478 beds located in different towers that belong to the isolation center located in the district of Villa El Salvador, according to a recent publication in El Comercio.

Below, we provide you with useful information so that from your home you manage your admission to the EsSalud temporary care center, which to date has served more than 50,000 people.


Who can request this service?

– All inhabitants of Peruvian nationality, foreign residents and non-residents who are in the territory.

– Insured and uninsured people with suspected and/or diagnosed contagion.

– If you do not have the conditions for isolation in your home or you live with other people, you must call line 107, option 1. You can also send a WhatsApp message to the numbers 976024280 or 976065074.

How long can I stay at the Pan American Village?

– 7 days for patients who have the infection for a considerable time and have anticuperos.

– Up to 2 weeks if patients have active virus.

Entrance to the Pan-American Village

– When your admission has been accepted by the personnel designated by EsSalud, the patient must travel in a private car or taxi, which will leave him at the main door of the center to be able to register his personal data. This information will be verified and accepted by the doctor on duty who receives you.

– You will go through a series of tests according to triage.

– You will be assigned a room where you will stay for the time indicated by the doctor.

Other important data

Location: Avenida Mariano Pastor Sevilla Lima, Villa EL Salvador 15829 (Crossroads of Av. El Sol and Av. Mariano Pastor Sevilla)

– The attention of the medical staff is 24 hours, from Monday to Friday.

– Although food is provided to temporary residents, it is recommended that you bring some products to consume inside, as well as communication devices or other types of devices.

– When you contact the head office to manage your entry, be sure to ask about the items that you can take with you and that are allowed.


The former president and one of the protagonists of the “Vacunagate” scandal reported that he tested positive for COVID-19, so one of his first actions was isolate yourself in the Villa Panamericana, the temporary care center run by the medical staff of this country. Apart from him, three of his relatives are infected.

“I have returned to the Villa Panamericana, before I came as president participating since its construction, now I come as a patient who seeks to protect his health and take care of his family. With the good care of all the staff, I am sure that I will soon overcome COVID-19″, wrote on his Twitter account.

Through a live broadcast on Facebook, Vizcarra explained that the Peruvian state has not allowed him to receive the second dose. “I have written to the Ministry of Health, in a 7-page letter that recounts the entire explanation and all I want is for them to give an answer as if I were an ordinary citizen. This is a matter of political revenge because they are taking away my right to access health”, concluded.


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