How much do Peruvians spend on diapers? New father surprises with the answer

This Tiktok video takes stock of the investment made for the care of a baby.

A new video viral published in the Peruvian community on Tiktok It has caught the attention of couples, fathers and mothers since it exposes one of the topics that should be in conversation when the countdown to the birth of a baby begins. The recording shared on social networks by the tiktoker Daniel Bonifaz presents us with an interesting analysis, which although it has numbers as protagonists, is understandable from start to finish.

What the content creator, who runs his account based on business and investment advice, is saying is that there is a sizable, multi-digit budget that goes into buying diapers, this product that is used daily to keep the newborn in good condition and in its first years of life.

The idea of ​​doing this evaluation was born because he is about to become a father, adding that this information he shares can be of great help, especially for first-time parents who will have to face this type of calculation and savings to acquire this absorbent garment. , which is in high demand and because of this you can find a wide variety in stores that fits every pocket.


In Bonifaz’s calculation, he relies on the fact that 8 to 12 disposable hygienic garments are used per day, and that from the fifth month, this number is reduced.


Taking as a reference that there are several brands on the market with different offers for consumers, the approximate price is S/ 42.90. Per large package you can count between 50 to 52 diapers. He continues his explanation stating that this product is used daily for two and a half years, which makes a total of 912 calendar dates.

“A diaper brand gets you S/ 6,019.00 in two and a half years. If we see it from the perspective of the brand, it is an ideal number, but how many clients stay with you over time is not counted ”, precise in his speech shared in the Tiktok viral video.

A business advice account made an interesting calculation about the budget that parents should have.

Making additional reductions such as the percentage of the audience that stays from start to finish with a specific company, or if it changes over time, leaves us with an estimate that around 3,000 soles would be spent per baby, just on the purchase. of diapers

Since it belongs to the category of baby care, the investment should be added to what is going to be consumed in protectors for the crib or bed, wet towels, creams, lotions, disinfectants, soaps, toilet paper, talcum powder, among others. elements.


In general, most children manage to get out of the diaper between 18 and 30 months. However, removing it before the little one is biologically and emotionally ready could cause frustration and annoyance. These are some recommendations to follow so that the baby can leave the diaper definitely.

Keys to know if the baby is ready to leave diapers:

– When the baby begins to realize that he / she can take care of herself.

– Help him when he feels like going to the bathroom, recognizing the signs).

– Make him feel uncomfortable and let you know when he wants to be changed.

– Recognizes that the baby is beginning to contain and wants to go to the bathroom.

How to accompany the baby during the process?

– Not having preconceptions or value judgments about the progress of their development.

– Recognize the signs that show that the baby started the process.

– Teach the baby the parts of the body interactively.

– Help him in the process with comfortable clothes that are easy to take off and put on.


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