Former Minister of Health said he was not convinced with disabling capacity of the stadiums in Peru

New measures for the third wave, which go from January 7 to 16, do not allow fans in the stadiums.

Different arguments are being made as to whether fans should be allowed in the stadium for Peru’s next home game in the South American Qualifiers. The third wave of COVID-19 is a reality and for now the capacity of the stadiums is completely disabled. In this context, the former health minister, Víctor Zamora, came out to give his point of view.

“At the beginning we used generalized quarantine, then focused, now it is individual. I share the concern, but I am not convinced that the measures being taken are adequate, two years ago it was not known how it was infected, today it is, ”said the former official, who was in charge of the health sector when the first cases occurred. , in RPP News.

In addition, he mentioned that the states are conducive to different events because they are open places. “I think that today’s conditions with a vaccinated population, in an open space like a stadium and where we wear a mask, are much safer than being in a closed place with unvaccinated people and without a mask.”

On the other hand, he mentioned that the new measures, taken by the current minister Hernando Cevallos, are contradictory. “I think it is contradictory (not allowing entry to the stadium) because we say to get vaccinated, not to go to closed places. The logical thing is to say ‘you can go to an open place, vaccinated and with a mask’. If not, it creates confusion.

It is important to clarify that these measures may change on January 16 if the Minsa so decides. In addition, it is understood that there will be a special request from the players of the Peruvian team so that, beyond the decision that is made next Sunday, people are allowed to enter the National Stadium for the duel against the ‘ Tricolor’.

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