Drivers demand guarantees to tour Norte de Santander

Drivers in Norte de Santander ask the authorities for greater operations to counteract these events Photo:

After the burning of a van truck on La Soberanía road, the transporters have demanded greater controls by the authorities in this region in the east of the country.

Once again they are afraid to take out their vehicles due to the high violence that is affecting them, and that directly affects the local economy not being able to do their tours.

The incident occurred in recent days on the La Soberanía road that connects the municipality of Pamplona in Norte de Santander with Saravena in Arauca, where two men on a motorcycle intercepted a cargo vehicle.

When the march stopped kilometer 11 Peñas Tencala sector, They forced the driver to get out to drive away and later set this vehicle on fire..

The vehicle was completely consumed by the flames and the person in the vehicle was helped by other drivers.

The entities in charge are still investigating the incident, apparently by armed groups that are present in this region in the east of the country.

In an interview on Caracol Radio, one of the leaders of this union, who did not give his name for security reasons, said that it is important that authorities establish a strategy to counteract these violent acts.

“We are practically seeing that we are going back to the 2000s where we were the most affected by the issue of violence, the burning of this vehicle cannot be repeated, what we are asking for is greater organization from the authorities to return to making the caravans that were previously done, we are not an actor in the conflict and we also ask the violent to respect our work so that we can distribute the different products and food throughout the country,” the official confirmed.

The carriers are calling on the authorities for greater operations to counteract these attacks against the vehicles.

Since January 2, the department of Arauca has been on alert due to clashes between armed groups that dispute the territory and the drug trafficking routes, leaving displacements, homicides and disappearances. The first week of the month resulted in a balance of 27 people dead and to date the Prosecutor’s Office indicates that the balance goes to 31 homicides. The security situation in that area of ​​the country has been worsening since 2021, when massacres and displacements increased. In addition, despite the military efforts to reinforce security, the inhabitants and leaders denounce that the massacres continue.

Given the difficult situation of the border department, the accusing entity has intervened to be able to identify whose bodies are, who is causing the difficult situation and clarify everything related to this issue. Until now The Prosecutor’s Office has announced that in just three days of 2022 there were 31 deaths, of which 21 of the bodies are Colombians, eight Venezuelans and there are two people to identify.

Attorney General Francisco Barbosa, in an interview with the magazine Semana, said: “Here is a historical circumstance of control by the National Liberation Army (ELN), in Saravena, Arauquita, Fortul, Tame, in Arauca capital, with incidence in the state of Apure, on the Venezuelan side. There are also FARC dissidents (fronts 10, 28 and 45). This has generated a series of conflicts due to its proximity to Venezuela, where camps of these criminal organizations have been located and which have an impact on the territory. This massacre has to do with the territorial control that these dissidences are beginning to exercise in Arauca,” Barbosa noted and went on to explain that “There have been extortions by these dissidents, led by Arturo and Ferley, even against relatives of the ELN in this region of the country.”


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