COVID-19 in Ventaneando: Daniel Bisogno was infected

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On the afternoon of this January 14 it was announced that Daniel Bisogno tested positive for COVID-19 with its new variant.

In the midst of the new wave of infections that has already reached different television stations, Pati Chapoy announced in the broadcast of Ventaneando this Friday that his partner Daniel Bisogno contracted the disease caused by the Coronavirus.

the presenter Today he did not appear on the program, but yesterday he did, despite the fact that he began to present symptoms. He himself shared that the test would be carried out to rule out covid.

According to the owner of windowing, your partner is very well at home, with mild symptoms, as they occur with the omicron variant if they have the complete vaccination schedule. Next Tuesday, January 18, another test will be carried out to check if it continues to be positive. However, the driver assured that Daniel will not appear even if it is negative, this for the safety of his companions.

When the news was confirmed, Bisogno received messages of support through social networks, where he thanked the concern and said that possibly I’m already “out”, wrote.

Bisogno also confirmed his contagion with this response (Photo: screenshot/Twitter)
Bisogno also confirmed his contagion with this response (Photo: screenshot/Twitter)

Since the January 13 broadcast, when a telephone interview was conducted with María Antonieta de las Nieves, The chilindrina, by fighting COVID-19, Bisogno stated that he was presenting the same symptoms that the actress shared.

Daniel put on a mask and continued in the program Like every day. He assured that he already has his complete vaccination schedule and also commented that tests have been carried out on several occasions to rule out contagion. In addition to this, he encouraged his audience to get vaccinated and take care of covid.

After a commercial cut, the driver already had his face mask and Pati Chapoy was aware that he had it in the correct position, because on some occasions the chinstrap uncovered his nose. After a scolding from his partner, Bisogno joked putting the mask on the whole face, which caused a stir on social networks.

Bisogno was scolded by Chapoy for his behavior (Photo: screenshot/YouTube)
Bisogno was scolded by Chapoy for his behavior (Photo: screenshot/YouTube)

Internet users criticized El Muñe’s behavior by joking about his symptoms and putting his teammates at risk by attending the set despite feeling bad. As reported in the program, the other companions would not have presented symptoms until now.

The last time the presenter of windowing the test was performed was before going on stage in the staging the comic tenor on Friday, January 7. That day he tested negative for the disease.

In August 2021 Pedro Sola also tested positive for COVID-19. The driver shared that his symptoms were mild, as he suffered from a cold from which he came out a few days later.

Other entertainment programs like Today Y First hand They also confirmed throughout this week that their presenters were infected. SARS-CoV-2 has so far reached Gustavo Adolfo Infante, Addis Tunon, Raul Araiza Y Arath de la Torre.

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