Andrea Luna and Pietro Sibille get together in a film produced by Yiddá Eslava and Julián Zucchi

National artists will be part of the second installment of “Yes, my love.” (Photo: Instagram)

Actors Andrea Luna and Pietro Sibille, who staged a controversial fight in 2021, will appear together in “We married? Yes my love”, second part of the film “Yes my love”, starring and produced by Julián Zucchi and Yiddá Eslava.

Directed by Pedro Flores Maldonado, the film comedy will premiere this February 3rd at the national level. The Peruvian public will be able to see outstanding figures of cinema and television on screen; in addition to popular tiktokers.

Ernesto Pimentel, Andrés Salas, Patricia Portocarrero, Pietro Sibille, Saskia Bernaola, Monique Pardo, Aldo Miyashir, Mayra Olivera, Santiago Suárez, Eric Various, Danny Rosales, Deyvis Orosco, Manolo Rojas and Fiorella Rodríguez, Lossiblings, are some of the artists who star in the film.

But nevertheless, What caught the attention of users was the presence of Andrea Luna and actor Pietro Sibille in the cast., who were one of the strongest couples in the artistic world until they decided to separate amid rumors of alleged infidelity on the part of the actress.

Movie opens nationally on Thursday, February 3.

It should be noted that The recordings of the tape began in March and ended in April 2021, long before the actors clashed on social media. At that time, Sibille thanked Yiddá, who is her first cousin, and Julián for having summoned him again to be part of the film.

The national actor in the recordings of "We married?  Yes my love".  (Photo: Instagram)
The national actor in the recordings of “Shall we get married? Yes, my love.” (Photo: Instagram)


After Andrea’s ampay was made public passionately kissing Andrés Wiese In August 2021, the actress made it clear that she was single when these images were broadcast and announced that she was separated from Pietro Sibille, who only kept silent and chose to delete the publications she had on networks with the model.

Ampay by Andrea Luna and Andrés Wiese kissing.  (Photo: Capture ATV)
Ampay by Andrea Luna and Andrés Wiese kissing. (Photo: Capture ATV)

However, in December of last year, Pietro Sibille decided to break his silence and used his Instagram account to confirm that Andrea Luna He was unfaithful with the remembered Nicolás de las Casas, as has been speculated and the model herself was responsible for denying.

With an extensive message on his Instagram account, the actor referred to the actress. He even dared to label her and call “fool” to Andrés Wiese, whom he also tagged.

“Yes. I couldn’t stand the lie anymore. What @andrealunaoficial said is totally false. Yes we were together when he did what he did with that asshole from @andreswiese_r (He’s not even a good actor).. Goodnight! (Don’t bother commenting, I never read them)”Peter wrote.

Pietro Sibille dedicates a song by Joaquín Sabina to Andrea Luna.  (Photo: Instagram)
Pietro Sibille dedicates a song by Joaquín Sabina to Andrea Luna. (Photo: Instagram)


Annoyed by a tremendous revelation, the actress came out to defend herself through an extensive message, where accused her ex-partner of having mistreated her and of wanting to commit suicide every time she tried to end the relationship.

“Hi guys. I woke up to the news that Pietro (who must be drunk and mistreating someone) said that I was supposedly ‘cheating’ to him. This is completely FALSE”, Held.

Later, the national artist confessed to having experienced abuse from Sibille during the seven years of their relationship together.

I was trying to get out of this toxic relationship for years where I was physically and psychologically abused. I was blackmailed to continue a relationship that had no head or tail, where this man told me that if I did not continue with him he would commit suicide. Where he would come home completely drunk yelling at me that I am nothing and that I must thank him for everything I am because he is the best actor in the world.” Moon confessed.

According to Andrea, she has photos, videos, audios and messages to prove that these accusations would be true. “I have not taken them out because I have tried to protect it. And family and friends and acquaintances who have witnessed the constant mistreatment to which I have been exposed.” he added.

“You are cruel, selfish, you have alcohol and drug problems and I have taken great care of you for 7 long years despite your mistreatment, but I will not allow this plan to make me look like the witch. Mature. You are almost 45 years old”, he added.

Andrea's response to Pietro Sibille.  (Photo: Capture Facebook)
Andrea’s response to Pietro Sibille. (Photo: Capture Facebook)

After this post, Pietro deleted his post and did not comment on the subject again. Meanwhile, Andrés Wiese also remained silent and denied having a sentimental relationship with Luna.


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