Alone with John Cena and James Gunn, the duo that made the “Peacemaker” series possible

With the direction and scripts of James Gunn comes Paacemaker, a character played by John Cena and born from the last Suicide Squad. It’s the new HBO MAX series

“How to take such an unpleasant character and take him on a trip?” Cena questioned in an interview with Infobae days before the series premiere. “I really like that expectation of Peacemaker, I like that people are angry that he was on the verge of killing Ratcatcher, everyone was angry about it. Now we’re embarking on this series and a lot of people are interested in what the hell they’re going to do. I think it’s more “what the hell are they going to do” and less how to make this character more likeable.” The first three episodes of Peacemaker were launched on January 13 through the platform HBO Max Y James Gunn Y John Cena tell how the process was to create this series.

The first and last time something about this character was seen was in the suicide squad, the film he also directed James Gunn in an attempt to redirect the members of this group of villains that had already failed a few years before in the cinema. With John Cena leading the spin-off, history allows us to know “what the hell” -in the words of the actor- with this antihero in his new mission.

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John Cena returns to life as Peacemaker in the new television production of the DC Comics universe. (HBOMax)

Protagonist and director of the first television series to reach the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), composed solely of films only so far, left some ideas of what the project is for them. Loved and hated, the truth is that The peacemaker did not go down well in the original film since he imposed his principles to safeguard peace and was about to kill his teammate, Ratcatcher II, although he did not achieve his goal when he was almost killed by Bloodsport.

For Gunn, it was just about telling this adventure to the best of his ability and creating a group of characters that the audience might or might not love, and understand their path. It is not a surprise to anyone that Peacemaker represents America’s most fascistic streak, from its disrespectful dialogue to the violence it uses to basically solve all of its problems. Those characteristics create a great distance with Adebayo (Danielle Brooks), an African-American woman who is now part of his team, but strangely they both get along.

The premiere of the first episode of "Peacemaker" It will be January 13.  (HBOMax)
The premiere of the first episode of “Peacemaker” will be on January 13. (HBOMax)

“We are going on this journey together with the team Peacemaker, know? They go through that, I wanted to be able to address some of the things that are going on in the world today with people who have different beliefs from each other and a lot of that we see through the show and Danielle’s character. [Brooks], Adebayo, and the way they interact with each other, who they are and how despite the enormous differences they have a beautiful friendship with each other. I wanted to tell that story,” he explained.

“I never thought we would be the first DCEU series,” he admitted. James Gunn, because there were many other projects for this film house that were being produced in parallel and could have won them the race. The speed that characterized them to move forward with this production allowed them to be the first to open the door to these characters on the small screen. He wrote all the episodes in two months and recorded during the most complicated stage of the pandemic in the US, only at the end of filming were they able to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The jokes and post-credit scenes of Peacemaker

The joking style of the also director of Guardians of the Galaxy it is impregnated in almost all his proposals for the big screen. Peacemaker goes even further, in terms of jokes, that the suicide squad, because John Cena jokes are allowed, even if he doesn’t fully understand the hilarious dialogue.

“I feel brave and comfortable enough if I don’t get a joke. There are times when I didn’t understand the dialogues and did more takes, and said: ‘I don’t understand what this is.’ And I had to quickly learn from cultural references,” he told Infobae between the laughs of the culprit who led him in this madness. “I feel good saying, ‘I didn’t get the joke,’ if someone came up to me to talk.”

Director James Gunn poses at the premiere for the film "The Suicide Squad" in Los Angeles, California, U.S., August 2, 2021.  REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni
Director James Gunn poses at the premiere for the film “The Suicide Squad” in Los Angeles, California, U.S., August 2, 2021. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

A few weeks ago, Gunn had given a preview of what would be the end of each episode of television fiction and, in times of superhero formats, the confirmation on Twitter that all the chapters would have a post credits scene set off alarms among fans of DC Comics. He elaborated a bit more about it.

“For the people who will watch all the credits and see the names of our hard-working team that worked so hard for this show, as well as hear the explosive music we put over each end credits sequence… you will receive a little gift for sitting through the whole thing. that,” he said about these final scenes that he describes as “improvised, sometimes it’s something I cut from the episode I was in, or an alternate take.” In itself, the story itself seeks to maintain that energy that it describes James Gunn: “It’s always so much fun and I think it’s great for people to watch.”

Peacemaker is an upcoming American web television series created by James Gunn for the HBO Max streaming service, based on the DC Comics character of the same name. It is a spin-off series from the film The Suicide Squad and the first television series set in the DC Extended Universe.

Peacemaker, based on the DC Comics character, can be seen through HBO Max.


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