Alberto Fernández and Vladimir Putin meet in Moscow to deepen bilateral relations between the two countries

President Alberto Fernandez will meet next February 3, in Moscow, with his counterpart from Russia, Vladimir Putin, according to official sources. The meeting, which was unexpectedly announced this afternoon, will take place a day before the president’s arrival in China, a trip that was scheduled for February 4, during which he will meet Xi Jinping.

The scale in Russia will be 48, confirmed sources from the Presidency. And they detailed that the meeting with Putin will be a bilateral meeting “that was pending” and that it will deal with “collaboration in vaccines, investments and collaboration in science and topics of common interest.”

Alberto Fernández’s trip had been conceived at the end of last year, during a meeting between the President and the authorities of the Russian Direct Investment Fund and directors of Russian companies at the Casa Rosada. At that time, official sources reported that the President had been officially invited to Russia, but so far the trip had not materialized due to to the epidemiological difficulties derived from the pandemic.

The meeting with Putin had been postponed due to the pandemic, but also for geopolitical reasons. They had planned to meet during the G20 summit that was held in Rome with the main world leaders at the end of November last year, but the last-minute decline of the Russian president, who was not part of the international conclave, had made it impossible to face expensive.

Fernández and Putin had had a fleeting encounter during Alberto Fernández’s trip to Jerusalem in January 2021, at the Holocaust Museum. And over the past two years they have spoken on several occasions by phone and via videoconference. But the meeting that will take place at the beginning of February will be the first face-to-face bilateral meeting between the two leaders.

The trips to China and Russia take place in the midst of negotiations between the Government and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the refinancing of the 44 billion dollar debt contracted by the Mauricio Macri administration in 2018. These are two powers with which which the United States, the main shareholder in the Fund, has latent conflicts. But in the Casa Rosada they assure that the visits to the leaders of those countries have no consequences in the dialogues with the organism for the Extended Facilities Program.

In parallel, Alberto Fernández seeks to water relations with the White House and on January 18, Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero will travel to Washington to hold a meeting with Secretary of State Antony Blinken. The central objective, as published Infobae according to information from official government sources, will be to oil the links and get the government of Joseph Biden better position Argentina on its list of priorities.

In China, Alberto Fernández plans to participate in the official opening of the Winter Olympics in Beijing, a sporting event that the United States questions for the human rights violations in Xinjiang that the communist regime carries out against the Uyghur ethnic minority.

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