A bureaucratic obstacle complicates the return of some 200 Argentine ships from the port of Punta del Este

Private Argentine boats are moored in Punta del Este

Due to restrictions that remain in force since the closure of borders ordered two years ago, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are dozens of Argentine ships that are tied up in East Point. They cannot return to Argentina because the Government has not yet enabled the health protocols.

Tourists can come and go from Uruguay on commercial ships, in their cars, by bus and even by plane. As long as they meet the health requirements such as the affidavit and the presentation of a negative PCR. However, those who decided to travel on vacation on their private boats are faced with the impediment that Argentina does not allow them to return by the same means.

The impediment is due to the fact that the ports of the City and the Province of Buenos Aires where private boats must moor were not authorized as “safe corridors” which to date remain the only points of entry into the country.

These are the different airports, ports and border crossings that have been gradually enabled since the end of last year when the flexibility of the borders began. Its approval depends on the evolution of the epidemiological situation of each locality that requests the authorization of its safe corridors.

In the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires, the Buquebus Port Terminal, the Colonia Express Port Terminal and the Quinquela Martín Cruise Terminal are enabled as safe corridors.

“We have a complete agreement with all State agencies: Senasa, Customs, Immigration, Interior, Security and Health; the Prefecture identified the private terminals and there is agreement from them to give courtesy mooring “, official sources told Infobae, facing the problem.

However, they stressed that the solution so that the boats can return It depends on the governments of Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires “presenting the protocols of safe corridors for verification of the applicable health requirements for entering the country.”

“The will is for it to be resolved; Province and City present the protocols of safe corridors, we verify them, and that’s it “, trusted from the health portfolio.



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