Dimayor announces new decision regarding the number of changes and substitutes

Deportivo Cali vs. Deportes Tolima (Final of the first leg of the BetPlay II League 2021) / (Twitter: @Dimayor)

With seven days to go until the BetPlay League, the Major Division of Colombian Soccer (Dimayor) adjusted a couple of rules taking into account how tight the schedule will be, given the Fifa dates of the qualifiers and the Qatar 2022 Soccer World Cup, and the public health situation on behalf of the omicron variant of covid-19.

One of the changes is that the teams will be able to make up to five substitutions per game, a rule that was in force in 2021 but which Dimayor reversed days ago. The other is that each club may have seven players on the substitute bench, instead of five, as was intended this football season.

The news was released this Thursday, January 13 through a statement that reads:

“In a meeting of the extraordinary Assembly of the Dimayor held virtually, the clubs associated with the institution of Colombian Professional Soccer, in response to the arrival of the omicron variant of Covid-19, the increase in positive cases and other reasons, decided to modify two aspects in relation to the competitions that will be played in the 2022 season.

The two adjustments will apply not only to the first category of coffee football, but also to the BetPlay Tournament (First B) and the BetPla Cupand (Colombian Cup).

The BetPlay League will begin on January 20 and end on June 26, the date on which Colombian soccer will have a new champion. The modality will be the same as last year, that is, the eight best teams will advance to the final phase of the tournament, which will be divided into two home runs, from which the finalists will come out.

There will be little rest for the national soccer players, given that on July 3, that is, seven days after the end of the opening tournament, the completion will begin, determination that was maintained despite the disagreement of some who proposed a league for a whole year instead of two short tournaments. The clubs will basically play two days a week.

Of the first date, the commitment that most attracts attention is the one that will be held by Independiente Medellín, which confirmed a category reinforcement as Pipe Pardo, and Deportes Tolima, current runner-up in national football, which will have the goalkeeper of Alexander Dominguez (Headline in the Ecuadorian national team).

Independiente Santa Fe and La Equidad, two of the teams that have announced the most signings and that will have two strikers from Argentine soccer, Alfred Morelos (Columbus) and Pablo Sabbag (Students of the Silver), will star in another of the meetings that already promises to steal the looks. The others will be:

– Cortuluá vs. National Athletic

– Junior FC vs. Patriotas

– Eleven Caldas vs. Magdalena Union

– Deportivo Pasto vs. Millonaries FC

– Jaguars vs. Deportivo Cali

– Oil Alliance vs. Sports Pereira

– America of Cali vs. Envigado

– Golden Eagles vs. Atletico Bucaramanga.


Envigado FC vs. sporty grass

Independent Santa Fe vs. Golden Eagles

Atletico Bucaramanga vs. Millonaries FC

Equity vs. Once Caldas

Jaguares FC vs. Cortuluá

Deportivo Cali vs. Sports Tolima

Atletico Nacional vs. Junior FC

Union Magdalena vs. Oil Alliance

Patriots FC vs. Independent Medellin

Deportivo Pereira vs. America of Cali


Cortulua FC vs. Independent Santa Fe

Golden Eagles vs. Once Caldas

Junior FC vs. Equity

Millionaires FC vs. National Athletic

Patriots FC vs. Sports Pereira

Independent Medellin vs. Deportivo Cali

America of Cali vs. Atletico Bucaramanga

Oil Alliance vs. Envigado

Deportivo Pasto vs. Jaguars

Sports Tolima vs. Magdalena Union.


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