Yo soy, Grandes Batallas: Jurado surprises by eliminating Sandro and José José from the competition

Peruvian imitators left the competition after remaining as consecrated the last days. (Photo: CapturaTV)

This last Monday, January 10 I Am, Great Battles presented one of the programs that has left more than one viewer surprised with the decisions of the jury. It all started when the Ecuadorian impersonator of Ricardo Montaner appeared in the competition to challenge the impersonator of Sandro and achieve a consecrated chair in the contest.

The first to sing was Cristian Cevallos, the real name of the naturalized Venezuelan and Colombian Argentine impersonator. He performed the hit song “The power of your love.” For his part, the impersonator of the Argentine singer of melodic songs sang “Querida”.

After hearing both presentations, it was the jury’s turn to offer their opinions. Mauri stern he was the first to speak. “I like Montaner but I can’t find the perfect color, you have brushstrokes but you need to conquer me.”

Finally Jorge Henderson, Janick Maceta and Katia Palma voted for the representative of Ecuador. Prior to her vote, the comic actress said: “I went to Cieneguilla I was listening to Sandro. You are extraordinary Tony ”. For his part, Mauri Stern voted for the Peruvian singer and disagreed with the decision of his colleagues, repeatedly pointing out that the Ecuadorian “is not ready.”

The host Karen Schwarz also expressed her surprise and thanked the Peruvian for his participation. “I can’t believe it yet. Excuse me but I was surprised “, he concluded.


During the broadcast of the program, another confrontation caused surprise among those present on set. The José José and Bad Bunny impersonator once again faced each other in a tiebreaker battle where both dazzled with their performances.

Carlos Burga, representative of the Mexican singer, sang the song “My Life” while the impersonator of the Puerto Rican singer appeared with the song “At your mercy.” After hearing them sing, Janick Maceta was the first to comment and highlighted the work of both imitators.

“José José good interpretation and Bad Bunny every time you improve more, I don’t understand. Nobody understands what happened but I see it very well, you have managed your times “said the former beauty queen.

After some comments from Katia Palma and Jorge Henderson, it was the jury’s turn to cast their votes. Thus, the four qualifying members voted for Bad Bunny, leaving José José out of the competition, who in recent weeks has remained in the chair of consecrated people, defeating different imitators.


After the program was broadcast on January 10, different users on Twitter did not hesitate to express their dissatisfaction when they saw the results of the program. Likewise, there were some netizens who supported the jury’s decision, since among their favorites is Bad Bunny.

“Oh God, who understands them, every day throwing hate at José José” who has a ring “” that does not look like “, they throw him away and complain. I criticized him at the time because it did seem to me that the imitation was going away but it is not for so much hate “, you can read on the social network.

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Last Friday, January 7, one of the best clashes was experienced, since ‘Sandro’ from Peru fought a duel with his Ecuadorian colleague to show who was the best imitator of Roberto Sánchez, artistically known as Sandro.

The national ‘Sandro’ entered the set to sing “Because I love you”, thus demonstrating the great resemblance of voice that he has with the Argentine artist. On your side, Ricardo Pluas from Ecuador delighted the public with the song “As I did “.

After both presentations, the jury only had praise for both participants. Jorge Henderdson assured that it was the most difficult battle that he had had to qualify for and Mauri Stern highlighted the similarity of both contestants.

Ultimately, the jury had to decide the winner of the battle. Katia Palma Y Janick Maceta they voted in favor of the Ecuadorian ‘Sandro’ Jorge Henderson and Mauri Stern They assured that the Peruvian ‘Sandro’ had done better. With this, a tie was declared in the versus but it was on Saturday January 8 that the Peruvian remained as consecrated.


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