Who is Valeria Quiroz, “La Gringuita”, former of “Chapo” Guzmán and Canelo Álvarez

La Gringuita had Mia Ener with “Canelo” while the boxer was dating Marisol González (Photo: Special)

Saúl Canelo Álvarez is the best pound for pound in Mexico today. His skills on the ring have highlighted him nationally and internationally, to the degree of compete against the best boxers in the world and gain the respect of the public connoisseur of this sport.

However, his life with gloves on is not the only one he has, because outside the ring is also multi-faceted, some better known than others, which are shared by him or his family through social networks.

However, there is a little explored theme in his 31 years: love and her children. Although he currently shows details about his parties with celebrities, or his luxurious wedding ceremony with his now wife Fernanda Gómez, there are situations that, in one way or another, have been hidden.

One of them is her little “unknown” daughter, the second in her life, called Mia Ener, fruit of the relationship she had with the model Valeria Quiroz around 2014. The little girl, about six years old, cannot be seen at her father’s functions, much less during family moments, but she is a strong bond that places him next to the powerful drug lord Joaquín Guzmán Loera, El Chapo.

Saúl Álvarez, at first, did not recognize little Mia as his daughter (Photo: Instagram / @ marianardzcantu)
Saúl Álvarez, at first, did not recognize little Mia as his daughter (Photo: Instagram / @ marianardzcantu)

During 2017, some photographs came to light in which it is observed aua young Valeria, 15 years old, next to the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, with whom he would have had a two-year relationship in 2009, which ended after two years, when Quiroz was already 17.

After parting ways with the criminal, The model took five years to meet the boxer from Guadalajara, with whom he had Mia Ener. When the news of the pregnancy broke, Álvarez already had a relationship with the host Marisol González.

At first, the boxer did not recognize little Mia as his daughter, but over time, Valeria Quiroz began a legal battle against Canelo, which he won when he accepted her as his second daughter, since At 17 he had Karen Cinnamon, Karen Beltrán’s eldest daughter.

The "Chapo" Guzmán dated Valeria Rubí Quiroz when she was 15 years old (Photo: El gordo y la flaca / Univision)
El “Chapo” Guzmán dated Valeria Rubí Quiroz when she was 15 years old (Photo: El gordo y la flaca / Univision)

Valeria Rubí Quiroz, at first, assured that she did meet the drug lord in 2009 (when she had been married to Emma Coronel for two years), but She did not know that her boyfriend was the founder of the Sinaloa Cartel and a fugitive from justice.

According to an interview given by an alleged cousin of the model for the show The fat and the skinny, in which the photographs of the times of the relationship were shown, the affection that the drug trafficker had for him was so much, that even nicknamed her La Gringuita, by its physical appearance.

Two years later, in 2011, Guzmán Loera handed Valeria over to her parents and asked them not to let her return to Culiacán because she was going to “steal her again.”. From that moment, he disappeared from the public eye, until his love affair with Canelo became known.

After that episode, he disappeared again. The last thing that was heard from Quiroz was that lives in California, is married, has three children and dyed her hair dark, according to some photos of the young woman made known while Guzmán Loera’s trial was being carried out in New York during 2019, but later they were deleted from Instagram.


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