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There should also be a corona bonus for nurses in 2022. Health Minister Lauterbach wants to limit the group of people for the special payment.

the Care bonus * should also be paid out again in 2022. The traffic light government recently decided that. But who should get it now? The latest statements by the Minister of Health indicate that not every nurse may be able to look forward to a corona bonus.

Care bonus: Health minister wants corona bonus only for certain care workers

According to Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, the corona bonus should only be limited to a certain group of people in care: “The care bonus should be paid primarily to care workers, which were particularly affected in the corona pandemic, said the health expert in an interview with Editorial network Germany (RND), which was released on January 5, 2022. “This is the only way to really appreciate the special performance of nursing staff.” After all, when caring for their patients, some of them “took personal risk,” the SPD politician continued.

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Nursing staff in intensive care units are particularly challenged in the corona pandemic. © Jens Büttner / dpa

Criticism of restriction of the group of people

It is still uncertain whether the care bonus will actually be limited to a certain number of caregivers. In any case, Lauterbach’s approach has met with sharp criticism. So warns German Foundation for Patient Protection before that, that such a restriction would create strife between employees. “It would be a serious mistake to pay the bonus only to nurses who have cared for Covid-19 patients. That divides the workforce“, So board member Eugen Brysch according to a report of the German press agency (dpa).

The CDU and the Left Party are also opposed to Lauterbach’s proposal. If politicians decide to want to pay a bonus after 22 months of the pandemic, then “the full first front” of the health system should be given, and not just a small group of people, said the designated CDU General Secretary Mario Czaja Daily mirror. “In the Corona crisis, most of the nursing staff took personal risk – and The men and women of the aid organizations and ambulance transports as well as doctors and paramedics have also earned a bonus.“

The deputy group leader of the Left, Susanne Ferschl, speaks in the Daily mirror also for a special payment to all caregivers. After all, the pandemic is an incredible burden for intensive care workers through to outpatient care services. “This unspeakable differentiation already led to a lot of frustration and anger when the last bonus was paid out,” said the politician.

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Corona bonus of 3,000 euros

The SPD, Greens and FDP had agreed in the coalition agreement that there should be a corona bonus for care workers. Most recently there was talk of a care bonus of 3,000 euros. Read more about this here.(as) * Merkur.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.


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