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Certain professions will soon be able to look forward to a juicy corona bonus. Who will receive a special payment in 2022? And how much money is there?

Employers can still have one until March 31, 2022 tax-free corona bonus pay their employees up to 1,500 euros. This also applies to mini jobbers. In order for the surcharge to remain tax-free, certain requirements apply. But who can look forward to such a special payment?

1. Corona bonus for employees in the public sector

Employees in the public service of the federal states (except Hesse) will receive a tax-free and duty-free corona special payment of 1.300 Euro paid out. Apprentices, interns and student employees receive a corona bonus of 650 euros. More than a million employees are affected, according to a report by the German Press Agency (dpa), among other things “in administration, in university clinics, schools, daycare centers, at the police and fire brigade, road maintenance services, forestry or waste companies.”

After separate negotiations between unions and employers, Hessen pays a corona bonus of 1.000 Euro to his country employees, informs the portal oeffentlicher-dienst-news.de.

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Officials and employees in the public sector can look forward to a corona bonus in 2022. © Monika Skolimowska / dpa

2. Civil servants in Bavaria will receive a corona bonus in 2022

Not only the collective bargaining employees in the public service of the federal states, but also the Bavarian civil servants receive a coronaSpecial payment of 1,300 euros. Bavaria wants to transfer the result of the collective agreement 1: 1 to civil servants in Bavaria, said Bavarian Finance Minister Albert Füracker (CSU) on November 29th dpa With.

3. Plans of the traffic light coalition: Nursing staff should also receive bonuses

The planned traffic light coalition has spoken out in favor of a renewed bonus for all nursing staff, both in hospitals and nursing homes, due to the special burdens in the Corona crisis. She wants to make a billion euros available for this, reports the dpa. Read here when the planned care bonus should come and for whom.

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4. Corona bonus in companies: Siemens, Adidas and Deutsche Post in conversation

According to information from BR.de the following companies should also pay out or plan a special corona payment:

  • German postal service: Volume of around 200 million euros for a total of 550,000 employees
  • Siemens: up to 1,000 euros
  • Adidas: up to 1,000 euros worldwide for Christmas 2020, depending on the purchasing power in the respective country.

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