Third wave: Minsa approves the purchase of a COVID-19 autotest in pharmacies and drugstores

After the arrival of the third wave in the country, the tests to rule out the disease have become the most requested, it is enough to go to a health center to see the immense queues that hundreds of people make to access one of them.

Faced with this problem, the head of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), Hernando Cevallos, reported this Monday that the autotest COVID-19 They are authorized to be marketed in pharmacies and drugstores nationwide.

Self-tests are authorized. People can go and buy it. And while there may be a margin for error, self-testing also helps. We in no way disqualify that the person goes and can go to acquire this test to do it “, said the head of the Minsa in an interview with Exitosa Noticias.

“It was just over a month and a half ago that it was approved and sold at the pharmacy. What is worrying us is what the ministry can give directly to the people ”, added.

On the other hand, Minister Cevallos highlighted the participation of citizens in doing the discard tests, which has been saturated, since they are currently thousands of people who go to the nearest health centers to access a molecular test.

A member of the health staff performs a covid-19 test in Lima (Peru), in a file photo.  EFE / Luis Angel Gonzales
A member of the health staff performs a covid-19 test in Lima (Peru), in a file photo. EFE / Luis Angel Gonzales

“What is worrying us is what the ministry can give directly to the people. When We had fewer cases, we proposed massive tests to all people, with or without symptoms, only with having had contact. Now we have had to change the strategy because we already have, instead of 26 thousand, almost 80 thousand weekly infections “, express.

In the same context, from this January 11, only people with any symptoms may come to undergo the discard test. Thus, only those with a cough, fever, body pain, among others, will be able to access these tests. Likewise, molecular tests will be performed on people who have had contact with coronavirus-positive patients who are older than 60 years and have comorbidities.

“From the State, the molecular test is not going to be done on all of them because it would be impossible. But Yes, it is going to be done to people over 60 years of age or who have a type of comorbidity because we are interested in whether COVID-19 is incubating and a special follow-up must be done ”, Held.

On the other hand, Hernando Cevallos assured that although it is true that there is no obligation for minors to be vaccinated, it is important and necessary for a safe start of face-to-face classes.

“It has not been established that the vaccination of children is mandatory, but it is absolutely recommended to start classes safely”, the head of the Minsa specified in statements to the press.

However, he did not rule out that the measure may vary. “Can this decision be modified? Yes, it can be modified. We are going to see how the pandemic is going ”, explained.


In conversation with RPP TV, the member of the ministerial cabinet, Rosendo Serna, announced that in the first weeks of March the teachers will start with “The preparation of the curricular programming, the annual work plan and administrative work”.

“The school classes They must be about to start the third or fourth week (of March), of effective classes, we are working on the issue of incorporating very rapid training in the management of technological tools ”, Serna expressed.

Face-to-face classes.  EFE / Rodrigo Sura
Face-to-face classes. EFE / Rodrigo Sura

“Classes may be starting the last week of March, calmly, safely, with conditioning of the school premises”, he pointed out.

Before concluding, he assured that the delivery of vaccines for children ages 5 to 11, for which he urged parents to give their children access to this immunization vaccine against COVID-19.

“The arrival of vaccines for children from 5 to 11 years old is already defined: on January 18. We estimate that between 19 and 20 we will begin immunization throughout the country “said the member of the ministerial cabinet after confirming the start of the third wave of COVID-19.


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