The LeBarón family denounced Morena’s ties with the drug trafficker in Chihuahua: “Choose your place in history”

Members of the LeBarón family managed to fire the Nuevo Casas Grandes police for selling drugs in the municipality (Photos: Cuartoscuro)

Members of the LeBarón family sent a letter to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) and various officials of the current administration to denounce the links that supposedly the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) has with drug trafficking in Chihuahua.

According to the document, the situation of insecurity that exists in the state governed by María Eugenia Campos Galván, as well as in the country, “is more than worrying”, and the icing on the cake for this climate by defending “characters who have ties to organized crime”.

These accusations arose after the state president of Morena, Martín Chaparro, assured that the LeBarón community developed a “vendetta” to achieve their autonomy, after they denounced Galeana’s agents “for being in question and now they collaborate in Nuevo Casas Grandes.”

The letter recalled that this small society managed to fire them, because the policemen sold drugs from the headquarters, “robbed, protected hitmen and participated in extortion and torture”, for which they made the corresponding complaints at the time, although Chaparro assured that this was not true.

“A question that the president of Morena says he ignores, since he assures ‘we never did them’. We exhaust the legal instances, but We could no longer be bypassed or remain passive when seeing that they were an arm with a plaque that committed crimes”The document reads.

The letter was addressed to AMLO and various officials of the current administration (Photo: Twitter)
The letter was addressed to AMLO and various officials of the current administration (Photo: Twitter)

His greatest concern focused on the defense that the state president of Morena made in favor of the municipal government of Nuevo Casas Grandes, since no “honorable person” could claim that “they are a clean police force”, since even the federal authorities confirmed their connection with criminal groups, said the LeBarón family.

In addition, they showed their concern for this endorsement granted by Morena, party that did not condemn the massacre that occurred against the family in November 2019, has not even criticized the homicides and kidnappings perpetrated in the region.

“Nor did he say anything when the community of Madera was burned and devastated. Nor did he comment when the former security director of the municipality of Janos, was darrested for participating in the massacre against our family. Everyone chooses their place in history, ”they wrote.

Later, they affirmed that they do not know Martín Chaparro’s true motives, but regardless of the adverse conditions in which they have developed and the little support from the state and federal governments, will not seek to hide or stop reporting abuse.

The LeBarón family was accused of "revenge" against the government to seek their autonomy (Photo: EFE / Luis Torrres)
The LeBarón family was accused of “revenge” against the government to seek their autonomy (Photo: EFE / Luis Torrres)

This letter was also motivated due to the actions carried out by Ariel Ray, former municipal president of Galeana, an official who placed his own head of security, a situation that elements of a criminal group in the area, which sent a message to make it clear that “they decided who would be in charge of public security.”

Faced with the refusal to comply with what was dictated by the criminals, they assassinated their manager days later. In this framework of action, the LeBarón family asked Morena and all political parties not to respond to “the lowest interests”.

“We received the message from the president of Morena in the entity and if a tragedy happened against the community, it should be a line of investigation. When speaking of ‘revenge’ and other confrontational terms, We request security in the region, we do not want to see more people fallen, or wells plugged with thousands of drowned”They reproached.

Finally, they reiterated their willingness to the federal government to help as necessary to “end this situation of violence”. In addition, they asserted that they will never be silent in their denunciations of “all kinds of injustice, threats and violence.”


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