The late Kim Daun’s work “Outsourcing of KEPCO in 2021”

▲ The family of Kim Daun, a worker from a KEPCO supplier who died in an electric shock while working with the National Construction Workers’ Union, holds a press conference in front of the Blue House fountain on the morning of the 10th to commemorate the deceased and hold KEPCO responsible for outsourcing risks.

It has been argued that the root cause of the death of the late Kim Daun (38 years old at the time of death) is the ‘outsourcing of risk’ by KEPCO. In November last year, Kim was electrocuted by a high voltage while working on a circuit breaker changeover switch (COS) at an officetel construction site in Yeoju, Gyeonggi-do.

The construction union held a press conference in front of the Blue House on the morning of the 10th and said, “COS input and opening work was done by electric workers in the KEPCO distribution operation room until 2020. claimed that

Eom In-soo, head of the Gangwon Electricity Branch of the labor union, said, “If KEPCO employees had carried out the COS input/opening work, they would not have worked alone without using a live train even though a live train (high-place insulated working vehicle) could enter it sufficiently.” When KEPCO directly carried out the work, it was possible to work safely in a two-person team using a live train, but this work was transformed into a dangerous work as a subcontractor took over.

KEPCO held a press conference on the 9th and announced ‘special measures for the eradication of safety accidents’, including the elimination of the direct live wire method. The union is of the opinion that such measures are only a workaround and that direct employment is necessary to eradicate safety accidents. The union said, “On average, 13 workers are registered at distribution companies, but only three or four people actually go up and down Jeonju.” not,” he pointed out. According to the union, 47 electric workers died on the spot from 2015 to last year. “Electrical workers are dying from industrial accidents, but KEPCO’s attitude towards subcontractors has not changed,” said Seok Won-hee, head of the labor union’s electricity subcommittee. “Now we need to rethink the dignity of life.”

The older brother-in-law of the late Kim Daun’s brother-in-law, Uncle Jang, said, “KEPCO, responsible for the accident, is trying to avoid responsibility in the name of ‘the ordering party’. There is not a single word about the neglected responsibility.” The union held a press conference in front of the headquarters of KEPCO in Naju, Jeollanam-do on the afternoon of the same day and called for a sincere apology to the bereaved family.

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