The first true education practice contest in two years

The All Teachers Association (Chairman Jeon Hee-young) is holding the National True Education Practice Conference for the first time in two years. We will discuss ways to overcome the educational gap and care blind spots that are deepening due to COVID-19 non-face-to-face education.

The union announced on the 10th that “We will hold a true education practice contest to find a way for all students to receive an equal education without discrimination.” From the 12th, it will be held non-face-to-face for 2 days 1 night.

The True Education Practice Conference was expanded to a nationwide scale in 2002 after the legalization of the true education practice event, which was held by meaningful teachers before the union by region, subject, and topic. It is a place to gather and share the wisdom of all members to realize the founding spirit of the union. The event was not held last year due to the spread of COVID-19.

The theme of this year’s competition was “Transition of education for all, beyond discrimination and inequality.” A union official said, “The academic achievement gap has widened due to the prolonged Corona 19 crisis, and social inequality has become more evident as students who are not receiving care suffer physically and mentally.” We are trying to find a way for an education without discrimination.”

The True Education Practice Conference discusses 12 themes, including the resolution of educational inequality, measures to respond to climate crisis, and the achievements and future directions of innovative schools. 19 sub-discussions, such as Korean language education in the era of Corona, and a new curriculum for a democratic society, will also continue. 650 teachers will participate.

Chairman Jeon Hee-young said, “The consequences of the COVID-19 disaster are never equal. He said, “The True Education Practice Contest will be a powerful step forward toward education for all beyond inequality in the transition period.”

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