The Australian Government investigates whether Novak Djokovic lied in his documentation to enter the country

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic did some practice after being released from the migrant hotel (Photo: Reuters)

After several days of uncertainty about the future of Novak Djokovic, the case is still not solved. The Serbian tennis player trained on Tuesday with a view to arriving in the best possible way to win his twenty-first Grand Slam title at the Australian Open next week, but you still face the threat of being expelled from the country: the North American press investigates some inconsistencies in his PCR test and in his visa.

After a judge overturned the federal government’s decision to cancel your visa, Nole added this Tuesday a new preparation session in Melbourne Park, but the journalist Ben Rothenberg – a regular contributor to the newspaper New York Times– He has denounced in his social networks a series of striking details in the documents presented by the world’s number 1 to enter an oceanic country.

In the last hours, and after reveal PCR test results what was done Djokovic To justify the request for his medical exemption, Rothenberg has published two results of the same test that was done in Belgrade on December 16, in which in one of them a positive appears but in the other the result is negative.

The journalist used the QR code who presented the medical report of the Serbian tennis player to be able to visualize the result, but the surprise was that different results appeared before each scan, as reported in his profile of Twitter. “Folks, it gets more suspicious. The positive Covid test submitted by Djokovic since December 16 comes with a QR code. When you scan that QR code (and you can test it yourself), it takes you to a website that shows that the test was “negative”, not positive. And now simply I tried again and it says the opposite for the same test: positive. Who is playing with this website? ”, He recounted showing screenshots of both results.

In one of Djokovic's PCR test QR code scans, the journalist showed the positive result.  But it also figured as "negative".
In one of Djokovic’s PCR test QR code scans, the journalist showed the positive result. But it also figured as “negative”.

Although this could simply be a system error, which fuels all the controversy surrounding this international scandal, the chronicler also marked some other details in the paperwork such as the having denied travel in the days prior to landing in Australia, but Rothenberg assures that Nole was in Spain previously. In the document filed with the court, Djokovic framework “no” when asked if he had been abroad in the previous 14 days. However, social media posts show that was in Belgrade on Christmas Day and in Spain on December 31.

There is also contradictions about who filled out your documentation. “According to the file attached to his affidavit, border officials noted that Djokovic said Tennis Australia had ‘completed Australia’s Travel Statement on your behalf. ‘ Djokovic gave conflicting answers about this during his interrogation at the airport, naming the ‘government’ or his agent. But nevertheless, he was sure he hadn’t done it himself”, Said this famous tennis chronicler.

Logically, give false information on an immigration document it is a serious crime. If he Australian government decides to deepen its investigation and focuses on the instability of these documents, it may Novak Djokovic have to turn to your lawyers again to ensure your stay in a country that could detain you a second time and deport you.

Novak Djokovic trains at Melbourne Park but his future is not yet resolved (Photo: REUTERS)
Novak Djokovic trains at Melbourne Park but his future is not yet resolved (Photo: REUTERS)

From the Immigration Minister’s office of Australia They warned that it was still considering whether to use its discretion to cancel Djokovic’s visa. “In line with due process, Minister Alex Hawke will thoroughly consider the matter”said a spokesman, who declined to comment further for legal reasons.

Australia has a policy that prohibits entry to non-citizens or non-residents unless they are fully vaccinated from COVID-19. This policy allows exemptions for medical reasons, but the government argued that Djokovic, who is not vaccinated, did not provide adequate justification for receiving an exemption. Nole had obtained such a medical exemption based on the evidence that you had contracted COVID-19 in the past month, the second time he had been infected. The player confirmed during the interview at the airport that he was not vaccinated.


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