Tens of thousands protest against corona policy

Status: 11.01.2022 8:51 a.m.

Again tens of thousands of people took to the streets against the Corona measures. In some cases there were attacks on the police. Interior Minister Faeser was concerned about the influx of right-wing extremists.

Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser has expressed concern about the influx of right-wing extremists in the protests against the Corona measures. She stressed that it is part of the rule of law to hear different opinions on the streets. The participants in the demonstrations should ask themselves who they are going on the street with, said the SPD politician in the joint morning magazine from ARD and ZDF. The demonstration is currently very heterogeneous.

Federal Minister of the Interior Faeser wants to help the police to get the unannounced protests against the corona measures under control.

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Faeser promises help from the federal police

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in German cities on Monday evening to protest against the restrictions in the corona pandemic and a possible general vaccination requirement. The police often intervened in the mostly unregistered demonstrations because current pandemic requirements were violated. Sometimes there were clashes with the emergency services, there were injuries and arrests.

Faeser praised the police for their efforts, the officers did a “very, very good job”. She was happy that it remained reasonably quiet on Monday, but announced help from the federal police. The union had previously warned the police of an overload due to the increasing protests against the corona containment measures. “We then have to set our priorities again, other tasks then remain,” said the GdP federal chairman Oliver Malchow of the “Rheinische Post”.

“They are kidding us”

The work of the police becomes particularly difficult when smaller groups meet unannounced in many places at the same time. Sometimes the meetings are called “strolls”.

A video from such a gathering from Münster recently sparked conversation. You can see an officer saying to participants: “You don’t want to go for a walk. You are kidding us.” And further: “You are clearly trying to fool us here.” A spokesman for the Münster police said the short scene was preceded by a lengthy discussion in which the officer had adequately explained to the participants why the alleged “walk” was a gathering from the police point of view.

Protest in several places – partly with violence

Also on Monday, some participants in the demonstrations pleaded just going for a walk. There were larger gatherings in Rostock, Schwerin, Cottbus, Halle, Nuremberg, Bamberg, Augsburg and Magdeburg.

In Thuringia, the police counted more than 20,000 demonstrators across the country, in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, around 15,000 people protested at 20 locations. In Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg, too, the assemblies received a large number of visitors.

In Rostock, the police used pepper spray because demonstrators tried to break through barriers. In Wittenberg in Saxony-Anhalt around 1,800 people demonstrated against the Corona measures, in Cologne around 1,500 demonstrators took to the streets on Monday evening, in Lübeck almost 1,300 at two meetings. Almost 1,000 people gathered in Gifhorn, Lower Saxony, where the police were deployed two officers slightly injured.

In Bautzen, Saxony, some of the 800 demonstrators threw bottles and paving stones at police officers, three officers were injured and treated on an outpatient basis. The police used pepper spray to prevent a cordon from being broken. Four police vehicles were damaged.


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