SJL: Grandmother suffering from paralysis accuses her grandson of stealing 14 thousand soles for his treatment

The old woman needs the money to treat her heart problems. | Image: 24 Hours

Give me back my money, I need it for my treatment!”. With tears in the eyes, a old woman 70-year-old denounced that his 17-year-old grandson seized more than 14 thousand soles from his bank account and disappeared.

Pilar Ontón Mendoza, who lives in the district of San Juan de Lurigancho, said that since he had confidence with his grandson, whom he cared for and saw grow from the age of six, She gave her the password for her account in the Banco de Credito del Peru so that she could carry out the operations that she could not perform due to their health and to avoid catching the coronavirus.

Please, I want my money. Remember the moments that we have both been happy. He always called me mommy, he didn’t call me grandma because I’ve raised him since he was little“Pilar told the 24 Hours newscast.

I had just given him my password so that he could mobilize the money because he is healthy. I trusted him completely”He added.

The old woman indicated the money she had in her account came from her savings, the sale of land and the deposits that her brothers had made for her maintenance, in addition to the Yanapay bond that the State granted nationwide a few months ago to people of legal age in a situation of poverty or vulnerability.

Everything has been taken, even the bonus that I received”, He declared.

Pilar also reported that, After returning from the hospital, he no longer found his grandson, who would have gone with his father to Trujillo, according to the version of the old woman. He indicated that, in addition to the 14 thousand soles, He had $ 3,000 from the sale of the land that also disappeared.

What’s more, Pilar claimed to have been constantly abused by her own grandson, who, he said, would be under the influence of his father.


Some of the money I had in the Bank was for cover health treatments and buy expensive drugs; since, at 70, Pilar suffers from paralysis and heart problems.

I have raised him since he was six years old. It’s not fair that I get paid like this, like this. Now that I feel bad, I want to go to the doctor. I have a bad heart and that is why I have paralysis in the middle of the body. I can’t move my arm”, He commented.

Since the day the money disappeared from Pilar’s account, her grandchild disappeared and has not contacted her again or answer the phone.

I didn’t do him any harm. The damage I did was raising him and protecting his health. I took him to school and went to pick him up. He always told me ‘you will be my mommy’. Now what am I?”, She expressed disconsolate.

Now, Pilar Ontón asks her grandson to reconsider and return the money. In the meantime, she provided a number for people who can support her with medical care or other help. The number is 942 264 685.


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