Sang-Jeong Shim “Creating 1.5 million jobs through Greennomics”

▲ Justice Party

Justice Party presidential candidate Shim Sang-jung unveiled a ‘Green-nomics’ economic pledge to create 1.5 million jobs through green transition.

Candidate Shim held a press conference at the National Assembly on the morning of the 10th and said, “I will break with the ‘old order’ of our economy through greennomics. We will establish a ‘new order’,” he said.

At the same time, it will form a new driving force for the Korean economy in the five green industries: renewable energy power generation, storage device industry, electric vehicle industry, green hydrogen economy, and ecological agriculture, fishery, He promised to realize it through the three major strategies of an innovator-type government.

It announced that it will increase the capacity of renewable energy such as solar and wind power to 160 GW (gigawatts) by 2030, up to 50% of the total power generation. To this end, it plans to invest 40 trillion won in energy conversion every year from 2023.

The idea is to develop the battery industry into the second semiconductor industry, Korea’s representative industry, by actively supporting the development of new battery materials, efficiency improvement, and commercialization. With the ‘Green Mobility’ policy, it is proposed that the total number of vehicles will be set at 20 million units by 2030, and 10 million of them will be converted to electric vehicles.

Candidate Shim said, “For a green transition, we will start with social dialogue with carbon industry workers.

He also came up with a plan to revive the local economy and create 1.5 million jobs through Greennomics. “I will create more than 500,000 stable green jobs, including 300,000 in energy conversion investment, 100,000 in green remodeling, and 100,000 in agricultural and fishery ecological conversion,” he said. “We will create 1 million jobs through the ‘Local Job Guarantee System’ supported by the public this year,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Justice Party officially announced that Vice President Bae Bok-joo, a woman with a disability and feminist, will run for the Jongno-gu by-election to be held along with the 20th presidential election.

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