President Moon Jae-in: “The conclusion of the fourth vaccination must be made soon”

▲ Blue House

President Moon Jae-in ordered the quarantine authorities to quickly conclude a phased fourth inoculation to stop the spread of the COVID-19 mutant Omicron.

President Moon Jae-in made this statement at a senior aides meeting presided over at the Blue House on the afternoon of the 10th, saying, “It will be a matter of time before the Omicron mutation becomes the dominant species.”

“Two big hurdles await,” he said. It is concerned about the spread of the Lunar New Year holiday, and there is a possibility that the Omicron mutation will be in full swing,” he said. He also said that if Omicron becomes the dominant species, it is inevitable that the number of confirmed cases will soar again.

President Moon said, “The government should quickly reorganize the quarantine and medical system that responds to Omicron and preemptively prepare for various possibilities. Efforts to inform and seek cooperation should also be strengthened,” he instructed.

He added, “Since it has been confirmed that the rate of exacerbation to severe disease is low while the transmission power is strong, it is necessary to shift the response from infection prevention to severe prevention, and to increase the speed and efficiency in various fields such as diagnostic tests, epidemiological investigations, and treatment.”

The importance of vaccination was emphasized. He said, “It has been repeatedly confirmed that the most important thing to reduce the spread of Omicron or to lower the fatality rate is vaccination. It is playing a role,” he said.

Accordingly, “the speed of the third dose in the age group under 50 is the key to determining the size of Omicron’s damage. Please make a quick conclusion about the expansion of vaccination for adolescents and the phased 4th vaccination.”

Currently, the government is reviewing a plan to give the 4th dose to immunocompromised patients such as leukemia patients, and is looking at overseas cases to see if the 4th dose will be given to the general public as well. Currently, children under the age of 11 are excluded from vaccination.

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