Omar Montes, tense (and sour) controversy with the mother of his son over the color of some sneakers

11-12-2021 Omar Montes EUROPE SPAIN SOCIETY


Omar Montes has not started 2022 in the best possible way. And it is that despite the imminent premiere of ‘Idol Kids’ – Telecinco talent show in which the singer debuts as a coach alongside other artists such as Camela or Ana Mena – Isa Pantoja’s ex has been immersed in a bitter controversy with the mother of his only son, Nuria Hidalgo, who he himself shared on his social networks, although later, regretful, he deleted the messages in which he charged against his ex-partner.

Indignant, Omar was sincere with his followers on Twitter, assuring that “although you always see me around here as a joke, today I can’t take it anymore. With this I have to fight and then I have to put up with being called everything.” “This is what happens when you give your son a pair of sneakers and his mother thinks they are ‘fagots’.”

Then, hurt, he made public the offensive messages that the mother of his son sent him after seeing the gift that the artist’s father gave his grandson, white sneakers with pink details: “Some pink sneakers? Do you think the boy is a fagot or something? Thank goodness he doesn’t need shoes, I’ll buy him the best. If it were up to you he would be naked and making a fool of himself. Everything you give him he doesn’t want because he feels ridiculous. That is not going to put it, you can take it “the mother of the child reproached him in a whats app to which Omar answered incredulously with” what problem do you have with gays. I teach my son to love everything the world “, assuring that his” father had done it with all the illusion “and did not understand how his ex could” be like that “.

With a photograph with his little one, Omar lamented because “now I won’t be able to see my son because if I go the police will screw me that is the law …”. Some bitter words that he regretted, shortly afterwards, he deleted, leaving only the image with a message addressed to both his son Omar Jr and his ex: “They will never be able to separate us. I love you bb”.

An unexpected controversy with the mother of his little one about which the artist preferred not to comment, reacting elusively to our questions: “I’m talking on the phone and you’re giving me the warning … Sorry, huh?” His reaction, in the next video!

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