Néstor Bonillo: “Renato Tapia is going to reach the parties in Colombia and Ecuador”

Renato Tapia completed his 70th game with the Peruvian team l Photo: EFE / Sebastián Castañeda / Pool

Injury to Renato tapia would not be considered and would be available for the penultimate double shift of the Playoffs versus Ecuador and Colombia. This was confirmed Nestor Bonillo, physical trainer of the peruvian team, who has communication with a member of the Celta de Vigo technical command.

What of Renato tapia It is a very minor injury, it is practically not going to stop. In a week he has to be in a position to be on the Celta squad, again. You will arrive without any problem at the matches against Colombia and Ecuador”, he pointed out in a conversation with TV Deportes.

It was Juan Carlos Oblitas, sports director of the national team, who detailed the relationship between the Argentine and the worker of the Spanish team. Néstor Bonillo is very close to the physical trainer of Celta de Vigo and he must be aware of how Renato Tapia is coming “, said the ‘Blind’ for RPP.


On Wednesday, January 5, Renato Tapia was traded in the second half of the match against Atlético Baleares for the Copa del Rey. ‘Head’, as they call it, was felt and could not continue the meeting. Now he will be off the court until his recovery.

It should be noted that Celta de Vigo did not indicate the time that Renato Tapia will be inactive due to his injury to the knee. “Pending the result of medical tests”, sustained the ‘celestial’ institution. We will have to wait to know more details about his return to football.

Sprains are common injuries in soccer players. It will depend on the grade to know when you will be available for physical activity. It could range from 2 weeks to 6 weeks or more. In mild cases, physical therapy may not be needed. All cases are different.

Celta de Vigo's medical report on Renato Tapia's injury.
Celta de Vigo’s medical report on Renato Tapia’s injury.


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