Melissa Paredes on Anthony Aranda: “He saved me in every way you can save someone”

Melissa Paredes talks about Anthony Aranda. (Photo: Latina)

Women in Command presented the second part of the interview that Thais Casalino did to Melissa Paredes, where this time he talked about his relationship with Anthony Aranda. He also pointed out that if Cuba cat falls in love again I would not hesitate to wish him happy.

As you remember, the footballer is currently in a relationship with the influencer Ale Venturo. “Everyone in life deserves to be happy“Said the young woman.

At another point, the actress pointed out that she means the dancer in her life. “He saved me in all the ways anyone can be saved, that.”Melissa Paredes pointed out about Anthony Aranda, with whom she has been in a relationship for a month.

In addition, he stressed that what he has with the choreographer is something wonderful that was clouded by the ampay, and that it was only going to become official in December, the date on which his separation with Rodrigo Cuba was agreed.

“I did not ask that they take some images of me. That moment was actually wonderful, but it was tainted by everything that was said, that was talked about and by absolutely everything that was said afterwards. Only he (Anthony) and I know why I tell you it was so nice “Melissa indicated.


Asked if she believes that she caused pain in Rodrigo Cuba after uncovering her relationship with Aranda, Paredes pointed out: “Very self-centered. Pain, no. When one feels pain it is different ”.

I had a friend, who I lost. I’m just going to say that, nothing more ”, he limited.

“Can you believe that we were going to wait until December to be able to really be together, because in December I was going to sign, with a signature because everything had already been discussed. And all good, we were both going to wait, there they were not going to say that I was married and such. For that alone, I know my truth, that person (Gato Cuba), knows his truth and Anthony knows his truth”, He explained.

Melissa Paredes refers to Rodrigo Cuba.  (Photo: Composition)
Melissa Paredes refers to Rodrigo Cuba. (Photo: Composition)


At another point in the interview, Thaís asked him what is the relationship he has with Anthony, if they are outgoing or in love, to which Melissa clarified:“In love, did he formally tell you? yes, he already told me formally, a month ago we were in love, nobody knows. Scoop, no one really knows ”.

“We cannot walk out of hand, we cannot go for ice cream like any normal couple. We cannot do things of a normal couple, why? For this society? No! Enough!”, said the young woman.

Melissa Paredes talks about Anthony Aranda. (Video: Latina)


At another point, she revealed how she felt after being interviewed by her former colleagues from América Hoy. “I was trying to process my mind, my heart said one thing, my eyes another. I swear I didn’t understand anything. I wanted to leave, I have not seen that (the interview) again because I have not processed it yet, I still do not believe it. (That day) I was sure of myself, I said ‘I’m going to tell it like it is’, and they started bombarding me. See a person crying that I love so much crying in such a way, and then saying what happens here. my mind just wanted to run ”, Melissa Paredes explained.

What would you say to people? That sometimes things happen between four walls that no one knows, not everything they see on television is real, that not all what they see on social networks is real, that people’s opinion does not define a woman, that one does not it is for what it reaches, but for what it exceeds ”, said the former TV host, who today defines herself as a womanstrong, brave and with heart ”.


After broadcasting the interview that Melissa Paredes had with Thaís Casalino for Mujeres al Mando, Anthony Aranda did not hesitate to publish a dedication for the actress.

“You are a wonderful woman and I am happy to share all this with you. You always proved to be a fighter and a great woman, let’s keep smiling together”, The dancer wrote on his Instagram account.

Anthony Aranda dedicated a message to Melissa Paredes.  (Photo: Instagram)
Anthony Aranda dedicated a message to Melissa Paredes. (Photo: Instagram)


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