Mar del Plata low cost: the best options in accommodation, entertainment and gastronomy

Options to enjoy Mar del Plata without spending more

It is one of the most popular destinations on the Atlantic Coast. With the arrival of vacationers, many businesses increase their prices, however, as in any tourist place, you can also make low-cost departures.

Infobae conducted a survey of prices that includes food, lodging and entertainment activities to share with family, couples or friends.

Starting with gastronomy, there are restaurants with full menu promotions that include a main dish, drink and dessert.

At the Zafarrancho restaurant, located at Belgrano 2361, a barbecue for three people costs $ 3,400, a risotto with prawns $ 1300 and a veal schnitzel $ 900.

In the same area is Montecatini, with different branches, which offers varied dishes such as minutes, seafood and pasta. Every noon there is a full option at $ 1090. It can also be ordered à la carte. A complete Milanese with garnish starts at $ 890.

At noon there are long lines to order food in Tres Esquinas
At noon there are long lines to order food in Tres Esquinas

Tres esquinas, located at 2187 Belgrano Street, is a convoking space for lunch and dinner. It is possible to consume on the premises or opt for take away food, the most popular option. There are meatballs with rice for $ 450, a complete Milanese sandwich for $ 300 or a dozen empanadas for $ 700.

In a rotisserie in the La Perla area, Roti, you can choose dishes of the day that average $ 300. On Monday – a very hot day – Russian salad with rolled beefsteak was offered, and on Tuesday, potato omelette at the same price. Cold cuts with pebete bread are also sold, and empanadas are sold for $ 60.

In Varese the pancho costs $ 230
In Varese the pancho costs $ 230

On the beach there is also the possibility of eating on the go. Corn and pancho cost $ 250 in Playa Grande. On the other hand, the churro starts at $ 50. There is also popcorn for $ 180. The chiringos on the shore have promos of the day that average $ 450.

In terms of accommodation, as always, the camping option is the cheapest. The Scout Center offers a tent pitch with grill and access to showers and dining room for a value of $ 870 the stay per person. Children under the age of five do not pay. It has a direct descent to the beach.

The center has autocamping with pitches for the tent and barbecue
The center has autocamping with pitches for the tent and barbecue

The Bermudas hotel has a strategic location, 5 km from the center of Mar del Plata and 9 km from Astor Piazzolla International Airport. The double room with breakfast included costs $ 5600. The Brown hostel, with similar characteristics, offers a summer rate of $ 5175.

When it comes to departures, the city welcomes tourists with a large number of free offers: from live shows, traditional festivals and even extensive gastronomic proposals, which are added to street art.

On weekends there are shows in Plaza España, Plaza Rocha and Revolución de Mayo, among many others, and the Camet and Primavesi parks. Another post-beach option is to enjoy the spontaneous shows that are on the Rambla de Mar del Plata. There is music, dance, animation for all ages and to the cap.

On the Rambla de Mar del Plata dancers perform in caps
On the Rambla de Mar del Plata dancers perform in caps

The mythical Torre Tanque, in Falucho 995, presents artists and bands such as Edgardo Troiano, London, Nubes, Barakus, Félix Barone Jazz Quinteto, Karina Levine, Out of Control, Reverdeser, Genes, Alejandro Carrara, Despuntando Vicios, Columbia Beatles, Altocamet, Cumbiadellica and La Blues Machine.

At the Colón theater the billboard is renewed every weekend. On Friday 14, “Los Cuentos de Rodo” will be presented, $ 500 entry. On Saturday 15 and 29 the “Municipal Symphony Orchestra Concert” it costs $ 400.

Photos: Mey Romero


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