Indepaz registers four massacres in the first 10 days of 2022

The massacre occurred on a coffee farm and among the victims were coffee pickers, the farm administrator and a woman who performed kitchen work. . EFE / Carlos Ortega / Archive

Upon completing the first 10 days of 2022, Colombia continues to report a violent outlook. So far this year, the Institute for Development and Peace Studies (Indepaz) has registered four massacres in different parts of the country. According to experts, the modus operandi of these crimes is the same: hit men kill three people in their homes, on the streets or in squares, in municipalities where the State’s capacity is limited.

Massacre # 1 | Jamundí, Valle del Cauca

The first massacre recorded during 2022 occurred on January 3 in the San Antonio district, in the municipality of Jamundí (Valle del Cauca). There, three men of Venezuelan nationality were assassinated, who, according to official sources, had lived in the area for five years and were engaged in construction work. To date, the identities of the victims are not known.

Massacre # 2 | Peanut, Casanare

On January 6, in the urban area of ​​the municipality of Manitas, Casanare, three people were murdered, including a child under 17 years of age. Apparently heavily armed men entered the house and attacked them without saying a word. The victims were identified as Vicente Soto Garrido, Alfonso Sandoval and Gustavo Soto Chaparro, who would be the minor. There is also a fourth person injured.

Massacre # 3 | Banana Zone, Magdalena

On January 8, in the village of El Salón, jurisdiction of Julio Saudí, in the municipality of Zona Bananera, three people from the same family were murdered by hitmen who arrived at the place and without a word they shot him repeatedly. The victims were identified as Jorge Hernández, Patricia Margarita de Armas Gallardo, who was pregnant, and a minor under 17 years old identified as William Hernández.

Massacre # 4 | Colon Genoa, Nariño

The last massacre reported this year also occurred on January 8 in the central park of the village of Villanueva, jurisdiction of the municipality of Colón Génova, in Nariño. Three people were killed there after a man arrived in the area firing indiscriminately. Four people were injured in the incident. The fatalities were identified as Ricardo Andrés Andrade Bravo, 22 years old, Arnold Steven Montero Gallardo, 19 years old, and Esteban Castillo Ordóñez, 21 years old.


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