Horacio Rodríguez Larreta: “The attack of the national government on the Supreme Court seems very serious to me”

The head of the Buenos Aires government responded to the criticisms that the president made yesterday against the Highest Court

The head of government of the City of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, criticized that national officials participate in a march to request the resignation of the ministers of the Highest Court.

It is very serious that the President endorses it”, Assured this morning the Buenosairean president when leading a press conference where they announced the state of the sanitary situation in the framework of the COVID-19 pandemic and the prevention measures in the face of the heat wave that will affect this week the metropolitan area.

Alberto Fernández assured this Monday that “the Supreme Court of Justice has a very serious operating problem“And considered that, in his understanding,” the Justice service works badly not for a former Vice President or a President, but for citizens.

Rodríguez Larreta made public his concern about the advance of the national government over another of the powers of the State. The principle of division of powers is one of the basic principles of the republished system. The advance and the government’s attack on the Court seem very serious to me. That national officials participate in a march requesting the resignation of the Court is very serious “, he emphasized during the inauguration of a new COVID testing center in the City.

Alberto Fernández said yesterday that "the Court has a very serious functioning problem"
Alberto Fernández said yesterday that “the Court has a very serious operating problem”

Yesterday, Fernández questioned that “the Court only had speed to act in some cases” and gave as an example “How long did it take to accept a per saltum in the case of Bruglia and Bertuzzi? The operation of the highest court is striking, without a doubt ”, he insisted.

After the accusations of the President, a sector of hard Kirchnerism came out to promote a march for next February 1 to “kick out” the members of the Highest Court of Justice of the Nation.

The Vice Minister of Justice, Martín Mena, backed the call by the piquetero leader Luis D’Elia and various union organizations to the mobilization. The official said thatIt seems to him “healthy and necessary for people to speak out.”

“I am always in favor of the popular demonstration of the people, when without intermediaries they tell the hegemonic powers their opinion and limits, because we are reaching limits that the government of Mauricio Macri surpassed, sweeping everything in terms of political manipulation, judicial and protection of the media power ”, added Mena.

Juan Carlos Maqueda;  Horacio Rosatti (president) Carlos Rosenkrantz (vice president) and Ricardo Lorenzetti
Juan Carlos Maqueda; Horacio Rosatti (president) Carlos Rosenkrantz (vice president) and Ricardo Lorenzetti

At the beginning of the year, D’Elia called for a march to “kick out” all the members of the Court, whom he described as “miserable”, in a mobilization scheduled for February 1 at 6:00 p.m. to the Palace of Courts .

The piquetero leader stated: “The end of the lawfare in Argentina we have to end the people on the street and kick this miserable court out, “said D’Elía when he called for the march, although he later clarified that he was withdrawing” the kicking because nobody wants violence. “

D'Elía wants "throw" to the Court and called a march for February 1
D’Elía wants to “kick out” the Court and called for a march for February 1

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