Drink more water: tips for everyday work

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Fixed rituals in the workplace help to get to the recommended daily drinking amount. © Christin Klose / dpa-tmn

Quitting time! The day is over and everything is done. Just again drank too little – that’s how many people feel at work every day. It’s easy to get a handle on with a few simple tricks.

Konstanz – Have you already had enough drunk today? Many working people will now answer this question in the negative, they simply forget to regularly reach for a glass of water in the stressful everyday working life.

According to the German Nutrition Society (DGE), the recommended workload per day is 1.5 liters of water per day, preferably pure – and nutritionist Mark Hübers from the Institute for Company Health Consulting (IFBG) gives helpful suggestions on how this can be achieved in everyday work.

Questioning and observing your own drinking behavior is the first step on the way. Here are some more tips for those lazy to drink:

– “Eating” water: If possible, eat fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of water. These include, for example, watermelons, strawberries, cucumbers, numerous leaf salads and tomatoes.

– Fixed drinking rituals: Employees can plan to drink at least half a glass of water after a meeting has ended, when they return to work or after completing a task. A whole glass is recommended for meals.

– Digital helpers: Apps such as drinking alarm clocks and trackers remind you in good time to reach for the water bottle or glass, even before you get thirsty. Users of such apps can keep a close eye on their fluid intake.

– The eye also drinks: It can help to place the drink within sight – then you subconsciously reach for the bottle or glass more often. A nice design of the drinking container can also increase the motivation to drink.

Those who drink enough help keep their metabolism in balance. Otherwise, according to the DGE, you have to expect to quickly become tired and unable to concentrate. Headaches, decreased physical performance and constipation can also be the consequences of dehydration.

In a study for which around 11,000 employees were surveyed, the IFBG, in cooperation with the Techniker Krankenkasse, found that almost 40 percent do not drink the recommended amount of 1.5 liters of water on normal working days. dpa


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