Compulsory vaccination from 50? Applications from the Union and FDP

Status: 11.01.2022 11:45 a.m.

The federal government and prime minister want it – but what should a corona vaccination look like? A proposal from the Union that provides for compulsory vaccination from 50, causes confusion. The FDP proposes a staggered vaccination requirement.

A general compulsory corona vaccination at the beginning of February, but at the latest at the beginning of March – this is what Chancellor Olaf Scholz had wished for, but nothing will come of it. The SPD wants to at least complete the legislative process by the end of March, but would not take action until later.

The process is also being delayed because the members of the Bundestag should decide freely and independently of their parliamentary groups on the ethically sensitive issue. In contrast to the usual procedure, members of parliament first have to come together in groups with a common position and formulate appropriate motions.

A procedure that the Union’s top has been clearly criticizing for days. CSU leader Markus Söder and Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) called on the federal government to submit its own draft to parliament. But parts of the Union faction apparently do not want to wait any longer and are now making their own proposal.

Managing director of the Union faction brakes

The group of MPs from the CDU and CSU advocate compulsory vaccination for people over 50 years of age. “Because the majority of Covid intensive care patients are older than 50 years, we can effectively protect the health system with compulsory vaccination for everyone aged 50 and over and still keep the encroachment on freedom for society as low as possible,” said the CSU health politician Stephan Pilsinger to the newspapers of the Funke media group. According to him, anyone who has been immunized twice should be considered vaccinated. An obligation for regular booster vaccinations should only be introduced if it is constitutionally incontestable. In addition, Pilsinger spoke out in favor of a vaccination register.

Opposition comes from the parliamentary manager of the Union parliamentary group, Thorsten Frei. The CDU politician informed me that the Union was not currently working on a draft law or on an application. It remains unclear whether this means that Pilsinger’s initiative is off the table. Frei underscored the Union’s request to the federal government to submit its own draft. The Union will not do the work of the government.

FDP MPs for tier regulation

The FDP is apparently also working on a mandatory vaccination proposal. According to a report by the “Welt”, an initiative by the Bundestag member Andrew Ullmann is planning an application that provides for a staggered vaccination requirement. “In a first step, there could be a mandatory vaccination information for everyone, if possible by doctors in the vaccination or test centers,” said the physician Ullmann of the newspaper: “If we then see that the vaccination rate does not increase significantly, the next step could be a mandatory vaccination for example for people aged 50 and over, because they are comparatively more likely to become seriously ill and have to be transferred to intensive care units. ”

A number of FDP MPs had previously worked out a draft that speaks out against a general vaccination requirement. A corona vaccination obligation for staff in facilities with people who are particularly at risk from Covid-19 has already been decided. It applies from mid-March.

Hospital doctors demand a quick decision

Meanwhile, the Association of Leading Hospital Doctors in Germany called for a general corona vaccination for adults to be introduced quickly. Since all appeals for vaccination had not been sufficiently fruitful, the crucial vaccination gap had to be closed by an obligation, demanded association president Michael Weber in a guest article for the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”.

Vaccination compulsory from 50 – Union MPs with their own application

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