Alianza Lima: Pablo Míguez obtained Peruvian nationality

Pablo Míguez returned to Alianza Lima for the 2021 season. Photo: Professional League.

Alliance Lima received good news prior to the start of the League 1. It is that the process of the Peruvian nationality of Pablo Míguez It came to fruition and the Supreme Resolution was signed by President Pedro Castillo. With this, the ‘blue and white’ team will have no problems registering their fifth foreigner.

The ‘Parakeet’ began its process in mid-August 2021 on its own account and will not finally occupy a foreigner’s quota in the ‘intimate’ box. Now he will focus on what will be his fifth season with Alianza and will go in search of the long-awaited two-time championship.

What are the requirements to become a national? The stipulated thing is to live two years in a row in the country. The Uruguayan has four consecutive seasons playing in the Peruvian championship. In 2018, he returned from Mexico and signed for Melgar. Since then he has not changed league.

Photo: Andina
Photo: Andina


Two of the players who will occupy a foreigner position this season, renewed their contract with the current champion of the League 1. Is about Hernán Barcos Y Arley Rodriguez. The latter was waiting for Pablo Míguez to get his Peruvian ID in order to be registered and if that had not happened, he had to be loaned as Franco Zanelatto.

Edgar benitez He is another of the foreigners who was in 2021. But the ‘Bird’ has a different case, it is that he still has a contract until the middle of this year and Bustos believes that it should be fulfilled. The Paraguayan has experience facing international tournaments and could be of great help.

Pablo Lavandeira Y Darlin Leiton They are the new Alliance reinforcements. The first one was on the verge of being nationalized, but in 2020 he left the country to play in the Chilean league and that made all his procedures stop. The Ecuadorian is a bet for the future of the ‘blue and white’ administration and this will be his first challenge away from home.

Alianza Lima was national champion of League 1 2021.
Alianza Lima was national champion of League 1 2021.


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