A mysterious message for Cuquita appeared on Vicente Fernández’s account

(Photo: Instagram / @ _ vicentefdez)

After the last December 12 was announced the death of Vicente Fernandez, the news caused sadness and shock among a large part of the Mexican public who regretted the departure of one of the most renowned ranchera music singers of recent times.

The death became a national event and the tribute to the vernacular singer was opened to the general public at the VFG Arena in Jalisco so that “the people” who always showed their admiration for the singer of This jealousy I could say goodbye at an event that was televised.

As a result of his death, aspects of the personal and family life of Vicente have been remembered, who he was the patriarch of one of the most recognized dynasties in the panorama of the Mexican spectacle. And it is that next to his inseparable wife doña Cuquita It encompasses, the charro of Huentitán he procreated Vicente, Gerardo, Alejandra and Alejandro Fernández, who along with their grandchildren and granddaughters, are considered the heirs of the interpreter’s legacy.

The Mexican singer, Alejandro Fernández and his mother, Mrs. Cuquita Abarca, sing a song in honor of Vicente Fernández

The afternoon of this Monday, January 10 an enigmatic message appeared on the Instagram account official of the artist who died at the age of 82, the text in question is a dedication of love for María del Refugio, Mrs Cuquita It encompasses.

Sharing my life with you is one of the greatest blessings I could have. Thanks my Cuquita”, it could be read at the bottom of the last publication in the profile of the beloved singer, however, the message would have been modified later, because now it can be read:

“Vicente Fernández always thanked his wife Cuquita for the unconditional support for almost six decades of a relationship of much love and affection. Forever the king “

With this image, the artist's account was reactivated, as it had been on hiatus since last December 15, the date of its last publication Photo: Instagram @ _vicentefdez
With this image, the artist’s account was reactivated, as it had been on hiatus since last December 15, the date of its last publication Photo: Instagram @ _vicentefdez

The emotional words did not take long to generate a stir among Internet users and the publication began to become popular. At the moment it has more than 215 thousand likes and more than one thousand one hundred comments, most of them highlighting the great relationship they had Chente with his now widow.

After the loss of the one who was the love of his life, Cuquita He has shared with his children Vicente and Alejandro Fernández, moments that have been captured on social networks, such as the song that The foal intoned in memory of the interpreter of Law of the hill.

Vicente Fernandez He was accompanied during the last days of his life by his unconditional partner and mother of his children, with whom he had a love story worthy of a movie.

(Photo: Instagram / @ vicentefdez)
(Photo: Instagram / @ vicentefdez)

The couple met at Huentitán, Jalisco, since they were neighbors and María’s brother was one of the charro’s best friends. When Vicente went out to pursue his dreams of being a singer and moved to Tijuana, Cuquita Y Chente they stopped frequenting each other.

It was then that during a quick visit that the singer of A million springs He visited Huentitán, where he saw the beautiful young woman and when he left the mass he gave her a laurel flower and asked her to be boyfriends, to which Refugio accepted.

However, Vicente managed to achieve fame quickly, so his schedule did not allow him to spend time with his young crush, so He asked María del Refugio to find another boyfriend because he couldn’t dedicate time to their relationship.

(Photo: Instagram / @ vicentefdez)
(Photo: Instagram / @ vicentefdez)

It was until the protagonist of The bricklayer one day saw a boy outside the door of Cuquita, when the singer knew that he could not let his girlfriend go, so he asked him to leave his partner because the two of them were going to get married on December 27 of that year (1963).

Since I got married I knew who I was going to marry and she also knew who she was going to marry, so in four years we are going to be married for 60 years, “said Vicente Fernández during an interview with journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda in 2019.


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