With the team of Ibai and Piqué, Barça eSports and Fnatic TQ, a new edition of the Spanish Super League begins


Today starts a new edition of the LVP Super League, the main League of Legends competition in Spain. There they already present it as “The best Super League in history”, and they are not without reason, since it promises to give a great show due to the teams that arrived and the names they bring with them.

The format of the league is simple: there are ten teams that will first face each other twice, the best of a game, over eight weeks. The best six teams will get a place in the playoffs, while the first two will be directly in the semifinals. In the second phase they will face the best of five games, including the Grand Final for the title.

The first of the relevant names is KOI, owned by streamer Ibai Llanos and footballer Gerard Piqué, who bought the square that had Astralis SB. The KOI presentation took place at the Palau Saint Jordi in Barcelona, ​​with 15,000 in-person spectators and more than 300,000 people in a live broadcast. In the first game, they will face another newcomer in the competition: Barça eSports, in a duel full of curiosity since Piqué is part of both teams in a certain way.

League of Legends team presentation
League of Legends team presentation
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The Barcelona Soccer Club bought the square of S2V. The Catalan club has had an esports division for years, but now they decided to make the leap in quality. At the team presentation, Juli Guiu, vice president of the club’s marketing area explained: “The entrance to League of Legends, the game with the most followers in the sector and where audiences grow in double digits every year, represents a before and after in our commitment to esports. The commitment to this division is part of the club’s B2B2C strategy and was born with the same ambition that FC Barcelona has in the field: become a relevant global player and build a leading section that contributes to connecting the club and its philosophy with new audiences”.

The confrontation that will open the first date will be Movistar Riders, one of those who have been competing in this competition for years, and who in the last split took first place in the regular season, but in the playoffs he could not claim and fell in the semifinals. The opponent will be Team Heretics, one of the newcomers, who bought the place from Cream Real Betis.

Barcelona also disembarks in the Superliga
Barcelona also disembarks in the Superliga
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The next crossing will be between G2 Arctic, academy of the team that plays the European championship (LEC), and that last season they fell in the semifinals; in front of another of the newcomers to the tournament: the Basque team BISONS ECLUB, which acquired the place of BCN Squad.

Another of those who will seek to stomp will be Fnatic, which announced an agreement with Team Queso to create Fnatic TQ and compete in the tournament. His rival on the first day will be a historic one: MAD Lions Madrid, which in the last edition of the Super League reached the playoffs, where it fell in the quarterfinals.

The highlight of this first date will be the match that closes it: the last champion of the split of summer and winner of the contest in 7 occasions, Giants Gaming, against the winner of the split spring 2021, UCAM Tokiers.

Another of the peculiarities of the league is that from this year it will have a Second Division, where different teams will have the chance to compete for a place in the highest category in Spain. The striking thing is that there are several teams there whose owners are footballers: CASE Esports (Casemiro), Rebels Gaming (David De Gea), Falcons (César Azpilicueta) and Guasones Team (Rubén García). They complete the team grid AYM Esports, Herbalife Real Betis, Movistar Academy, eMonkeys SD Huesca, Wizards Club and ZETA.


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