Why Santiago Solari could miss the America vs Atlas game

Santiago Solari could miss a game for his red card in Puebla vs America (Photo: EFE / Miguel Sierra)

The first day of the MX League he left different emotions but what stood out was the behavior he showed Santiago Solari during the game of Puebla against America. The Coapa strategist lost patience and claimed the whistler Oscar Mejia Garcia, in consecuense, Solari was expelled.

And it is that such behavior is not common in the Argentine so it surprised the American fans, commentators and the rest of the club who saw him get angry against the refereeing body. But his act would not go unnoticed and MX League he would already have the sanction for Solari.

In accordance with David medrano, reporter of TV Azteca, confirmed that the technical director of the Eagles he would be suspended for a game. Through his official Twitter account he wrote a message in which he stated that it will be “cheap” the scene he starred in at minute 31 of the game.

Despite the screams and claims he told Óscar Mejía, the referee’s report only notified that Solari invaded the field when the fault was marked, so the sanction would be less, if the report had put an offense to the refereeing body, the sanction would have been greater; However, it was not and this is how David Medrano shared it on social networks:

“CHEAP. Santiago Solari will be suspended 1 game since the document establishes that he entered the field to protest decisions and that there were no insults. The regulation in this case stipulates a penalty of 1 a match “

It would only take one game of suspension, that is, the next time America has an official Liga MX match, it will not be able to be at court level and will have to follow the duel from the stands or from home. Due to the calendar of America, his suspension would be until Matchday 3 in his commitment against Atlas at Aztec stadium.

David Medrano reported that Solari could have a game suspended (Photo: Twitter / @ medranoazteca)
David Medrano reported that Solari could have a game suspended (Photo: Twitter / @ medranoazteca)

It should be remembered that your participation in the Matchday 2 is not yet defined so the game where Solari would not be would be in his first match at home in Azteca in which they would receive the current champion of the Mexican league, the red and black.

The expulsion of Solari occurred during the first part of the game, at that time the score was favorable for the visiting team, but a second infraction of Roger Martinez It would leave Solari’s men with one less element on the court, so the Coapa coach was encouraged to claim.

When Roger was fighting the ball against Maximiliano Araújo around minute 30, the Americanist player fell to the floor, but he did not want to give Araújo the advantage so he tried to take it from him; launched a series of kicks to deflect the ball and in one of them seized the opponent’s leg and tore it down, so the referee considered it an infringement.

Solari's expulsion occurred during the first part of the match (Photo: Twitter / @ SomosAnalistas_)
Solari’s expulsion occurred during the first part of the match (Photo: Twitter / @ SomosAnalistas_)

He immediately whistled the foul and shortly before Mejía García showed a card, Solari invaded the field and faced the referee. Not caring about the injured Puebla player, he approached the match judge to explosively demand the decision he was about to make, since Roger Martinez I already had a yellow card, so the second card would mean an expulsion.

Without contemplating it with the VAR Óscar Mejía showed Santiago Solari the red card and sent it to the locker room. In the transmission of TV Azteca They highlighted that the strategist left the field saying that “Óscar Mejía always hurts the games”.

Shortly after, the Colombian also left the field of Cuauhtémoc Stadium by accumulation of yellow and America was left without a technical director and without a player for the rest of the game. At the end the score was tied to an annotation and both teams divided points.


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