Third wave COVID-19: infections increase in 24 districts of Lima

A person undergoes a coronavirus test in Lima (Peru), in a file photograph. EFE / Luis Ángel Gonzales Taipe

The cases of contagion after the arrival of the omicron variant in the country and after knowing that we started the third wave because of COVID-19, They are presenting their highest peaks and now there are 24 districts of the capital where the growth of infections can be observed.

According to the Ministry of Health, it announced that more than two dozen districts in Lima already show an increase in infections due to COVID-19 and the new omicron variant.

Ate, Callao, Carabayllo, Chorrillos, Los Olivos, Surco, Independencia, La Molina, Cercado de Lima, SJL, San Borja, San Miguel, Jesús María, Miraflores, Chaclacayo, La Perla, San Luis, Barranco, La Punta, San Isidro , Surquillo, Cieneguilla, among others.

In addition, Dante Cersso, head of the intelligence and data analysis unit of the Social Health Security (EsSalud), confirmed that we are growing in record numbers on spikes of infections.

“Unfortunately, for this first week of January, a maximum number of cases has been reached since the start of the pandemic. Recall that the first peak of the first wave was registered with 61,086 confirmed cases approximately the second week of August. Then 67,107 new cases were registered during the second week of April in the second wave. In this third wave we are in more than 70 thousand new cases a week ”, held for Canal N.

File photo of several people queuing for covid-19 tests in Lima (Peru).  EFE / Paolo Aguilar
File photo of several people queuing for covid-19 tests in Lima (Peru). EFE / Paolo Aguilar

“If we see how much it was two weeks ago, two weeks ago the cases were 10,000. That is, from 10 thousand a week we have then gone to 22 thousand and now to 70 thousand. From 10,000 a week we now have 70,000 a day. It has been a very accelerated growth of infections which has coincided with the festivities and the arrival of this new Ómicron variant to the country ”, He said alerted by the situation that the health sector is going through.

About him increase in positive cases to COVID-19 in regions of the interior of the country, the official explained that Cusco and Lima have exceeded record numbers, it is even a historical one compared to the first and second waves.

“In a more considerable way it has been in five regions, an increase of more than 400%. These regions are: Cusco, which went from 510 to 4,076 cases. In Lima it went from 14,349 to 39,986. In Arequipa it went from 625 cases to 3,367. Loreto and Ayacucho ”, said the analyst after the increasing numbers of infections.

Regarding hospitalizations and availability of ICU beds, Dante Cersso stated that since the beginning of November 2021, the cases began to increase, which is why the indicator starts from this month.

“In the case of EsSalud, at the beginning of November we registered 1,606 hospitalized patients and as of today we are registering 2,838. In other words, an increase of 76% ”, detailed. “If we look at the occupation in ICU beds, we registered 331 patients and now we have 363 patients in ICU beds. That means an increase of 9% “, he pointed out.


This is a question you just answered the Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos, in an interview that gave to the newspaper El Comercio, where the head of the Minsa is sincere and assures that despite establishing mechanisms and that this sector has been strengthened, it is important to ensure that we are not prepared to face a third wave.

Hernando Cevallos, head of the Ministry of Health.
Hernando Cevallos, head of the Ministry of Health.

“I would not say that we are prepared for a third wave. Our healthcare system remains very precarious. The improvements that may have been made in four or five months, during this management, do not solve the forgetfulness of decades “, Held.

“We are far below the bed indicators we should have, below the number of professionals we need. It is very clear that our health system is fragile, even though it has improved ”, added.


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