The Korea Scholarship Foundation call center to start discussing conversion to full-time employees this month

▲ The Korea Scholarship Foundation, a general service union, is picking up in front of the Daegu Dong-gu Foundation on the 7th.

The process of discussing conversion to regular jobs for consultants at the Korea Scholarship Foundation’s customer center will begin within this month. It has been more than four months since the Ministry of Employment and Labor asked to cancel the foundation’s decision to keep the call center work in a privately-consigned way and to review it again.

According to the Korea Scholarship Foundation Branch (Chairman Hee-Jeong Yeom) of the Service General Union on the 9th, at the meeting of the union-foundation attended by Chairman Dae-Hwa Jeong on the 6th, the ‘Call Center Feasibility Review Council’ was formed within this month and the first meeting was held. decided to open The two sides reached a consensus to advance the time to before the Lunar New Year from the previous position that discussions would begin only after the Lunar New Year, and to finalize the feasibility study before the March presidential election. The branch judged that the foundation had presented an advanced plan and withdrew the fasting of the branch president, Hee-jeong Yeom, which was announced on the 10th.

In July last year, the Ministry of Labor judged that the procedure for collecting stakeholder opinions was insufficient in the review of the decision to entrust the call center and computerized maintenance and repair work of the Korea Scholarship Foundation to the private sector through the public sector non-regular worker countermeasures TF. The Ministry of Labor canceled the previous decision and notified the foundation to review the feasibility of entrusting it to the private sector in August of the same year. However, as the foundation postponed discussions after the inauguration of the new chairman, the formation of an internal and external expert consultation body to decide whether to convert to a full-time employee was delayed. On November 25, last year, the branch began a tent demonstration in front of the Daegu Dong-gu Foundation, urging for an early decision.

According to the branch, the council will be formed by the 19th of this month and the first meeting will be held in the next week. The council is expected to consist of nine people, including two from the foundation, five external experts, and one expert recommended by the regular union and branch. In accordance with the government’s ‘direction of private consignment policy for the conversion of non-regular workers in the public sector to regular workers’, in case of matters requiring in-depth discussion, the relevant institution formed a consultative body with about 10 internal and external experts participating to collect the opinions of stakeholders. You will then decide whether to hire them or not.

Starting from the 10th, the branch will advertise in front of the Seoul office in Jung-gu, Seoul. In front of the Seoul office and the Daegu Foundation, the Thursday struggle culture system will be held. Hee-jeong Yeom, president of the branch, said, “We are open to methodologies such as hiring a separate group or affiliates and affiliated organizations.

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