Soccer.- Emery: “The Piqué thing was a hand and then protested on Twitter for other games”


Villarreal coach Unai Emery remembered Gerard Piqué this Sunday as he pointed out that his hand was clear at La Cerámica and not Parejo’s, who annulled his goal in the draw (2-2) against Atlético from Madrid, while he asked the Barça player to be “sincere” and not mislead people.

“The Piqué thing was a hand, and it was a penalty, they did not whistle here recently and we lost the game. And today is not a hand, he hit him with the hip, with which he pushes the ball, the hand was for there, “he said at a press conference after the match against the rojiblancos.

The ‘submarine’ was left without a goal from Parejo because the referee saw a hand, which was sensed quite slight, in his shot with the side. Emery took advantage of the question about this action to be critical of Piqué, who was the protagonist of another controversial play in the duel that Barça de La Cerámica won.

“What was a penalty was that of Piqué and then he was saying that it was not, and protesting on Twittter for other games, yesterday at Madrid-Valencia. What you should be honest and not confuse people. That comes to you. memory because that penalty was calamitous and it was not whistled from the VAR and then on top of it, instead of shutting up, he released what he released to deceive people, “he said.

“We are not honest with the referee, with the VAR, or with football. Today we must respect what they decide, they will have seen some touch of the hand, I would not have whistled it, but it has whistled it and I accept it,” he added, forceful with the way of acting of the Catalan player.

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