Sabrina Rojas’ funny response to Tucu López about the possibility of getting married

After the romance between Sabrina rojas and the Tucu lopez, both became one of the most popular couples, who share some moments of their intimacy with their followers on social networks every day. And now, after 2021 that united them sentimentally, this 2022 reinforces it in the workplace, because this Sunday they debuted with Paired, the new program America that will host you once a week, from 7.45pm to 9pm.

Taking selfies in an armchair, that was the first image of Sabrina on screen. And after hearing a bell, he said: “Whom?”. That gave rise to the funny entrance of the Tucu, who arrived improvising a supposed arrival at his apartment. “Yo, fat, open me”he replied. “Oh, my love, you always forget the keys. Why the same story every day?”she replied. “Where’s the key?” He continued, as he entered the studio with a motorcycle helmet on his arm. “There, my love, at the table, where it always is. I ask you not to make a mess for me because the guests are already arriving, ”Rojas informed him.

“Another chair?” He reacted when he saw a new one, all covered in plastic. “It’s that when a trade comes out, you have to take advantage of it,” Rojas justified himself. “But people are coming, let’s get this out,” he said when he saw the plastic that covered it. “No, don’t take it out! I don’t know if I will quit or not! ”, She exclaimed. “Are you wanting to sell the exchange? It’s a lot”, the Tucu replied. “No, at most I return it, but look at the exchange I hit! I’m furnishing the whole box for you, my love ”. After an intense back and forth, they end up removing the plastic, just as the doorbell rang again. There, the panelists who will accompany them throughout the cycle appeared: Débora D’Amato -which also works in In the afternoon, on the same channel-, Sebastian Pollastro (participant de Big Brother 2017), May Martorelli (expanelista de The Scandal Show) Y Juan Etchegoyen (driver Mitre Live).

With all the members in the studio, López threw the first hint towards his girlfriend: “Let’s talk about marriage”, advertisement. “Ours?” Sabrina snapped back. “Ah, re!”, He exclaimed, as he knelt simulating a request for a hand. “I have some papers to fix before, my love”, she answered sharp, referring to her upcoming divorce with her ex, Luciano Castro placeholder image. “Fix that quilombito”he shot with a laugh.

“I don’t want to miss the scoop, is there a wedding date yet?”Etchegoyen asked them. “We do not have a date, wait until I see if they answered me from the Civil Registry”, said the Tucu, pretending to search his cell phone. “No, I don’t have the email, not yet”, full.

However, the panelist continued investigating and asked them if it is a topic that they were already talking about as a couple. “Since before we met,” the driver jokingly commented. “I love you. I tell you something, if we get married, I want it to be on the same level as the couple who got married this weekendSabrina replied, referring to the lavish wedding of Stefi Rotiman Y Ricky montaner. “I have bad news to tell you: the bar is very high. I do not think that even being the queen of the exchange that you are, we will be able to put that level of marriage”, Shot the Tucu, and gave way to what was the first report of the cycle, where images of the wedding of the son of Ricardo Montaner.


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