Ranking Netflix in Spain: Top 10 of the most viewed series of today Sunday, January 9

In a market as saturated as that of the services of streaming, these platforms fight to buy the best series. Netflix He is no stranger to this reality and, willing to become a strong opponent, provides his subscribers with the list of his 10 series with the highest number of views in Spain.

We are talking about the list that classifies the titles according to who is watching what in real time. If you are interested in knowing what quality content is available, keep reading the following paragraphs.

1. woman-fragranced coffee

Like every year, Gaviota and his mother come to Hacienda Casablanca to pick up the coffee from the second harvest of the year, but this October they hope it will be the last, since from now on they will own their own land. However, fate has other plans.

2. The Queen of Flow

The series takes place in the seductive environment of reggaeton, a genre that has taken over the world. This is the story of Yeimy Montoya, a talented young songwriter who pays an unjust sentence in a New York prison after being deceived by Charly, the man she loves and who later steals her songs, with which she manages to achieve fame and become in a star. Yeimy’s only wish is to go out and exact revenge against all those who ended his life and his family.

3. stay by me

Three people seem to lead a perfect life, but they hide dark secrets that even those closest to them would never suspect. Megan is a working mother of three children. Ray is a promising documentary photographer trapped in a dead-end job. And Broome, a detective who can’t put aside an unsolved missing person case. When an old friend from Megan’s past, named Lorraine, arrives with some shocking news, all three protagonists are affected in an egregious way, threatening to ruin their lives and the lives of those around them.

4. Cobra Kai

Sequel to Karate Kid, 30 years after the events of the original film and with the same cast repeating the main roles.

5. Emily in Paris

After accepting her dream job in Paris, Chicago marketing executive Emily Cooper embarks on a life of adventure as she balances work, friendship and love.

6. The Witcher

Geralt, a warlock who hunts genetically modified monsters, seeks his place in a world where humans are often shown to be worse than beasts.

7. The Money Heist

An enigmatic character named the Professor plans something big: carry out the biggest heist in history. To do this, he recruits a band of eight people who meet a single requirement, none of them has anything to lose. Five months of imprisonment memorizing every step, every detail, every probability … and finally, eleven days of confinement in the National Mint, surrounded by police forces and with dozens of hostages in their power to find out if their suicide bet will be everything or nothing.

8. Rebel

The “Elite Way School” is an exclusive private school of international prestige where upper-class adolescents study. The school has a scholarship program for low-income youth with an excellent academic or athletic level; However, few of them manage to graduate, as they are persecuted by a secret society called “The Lodge” whose purpose is to preserve the “purity” of the privileged class. Among the group of boys who arrive at the summer club that precedes the school year, there are Mía, Miguel, Diego and Roberta, who despite their great differences, discover something that will unite them above prejudices, their profession. Remake of the soap opera Rebelde Way produced in Argentina.

9. Kitz

One year after the tragic death of her brother, Lisi, a 19-year-old from the alpine town of Kitzbühel, enters the decadent world of a Munich gang that invades the luxurious ski resort every year for partying. But Lisi does not take long to cause an avalanche that reveals the truth behind that facade of glamor, money and hedonism. And the consequences are uncontrollable.

10. There is no one living here

Roberto and Lucía are happy to move to the new apartment, but they do not know the community of neighbors that awaits them. In Desengaño street, they will live with their somewhat peculiar neighbors. On the one hand, Marisa, Vicenta and Concha, three retired gossips. Alicia and Belén, unemployed young people. The president and his family. A gay couple from 1ºB. And on the other hand, the goalkeeper who complains all day.

Did you know anything about all these hits that are sweeping Netflix?

The platform is conquering its subscribers with these titles and there are more and more views. What other plans does this company have for us? Will it continue to surprise us this year?

It seems that we will have to wait to meet them.


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