Mexico will not send a representative to the inauguration of Daniel Ortega, president of Nicaragua

Mexico will not have a representative in inauguration of AMLO (Photo: Cuartoscuro / Reuters)

Daniel Ortega, President of Nicaragua and those who are about to start a new mandate will not have the presence of Mexico at the inauguration.

Raymundo Riva Palacio, a Mexican journalist, assured that Martín Borrego, director in South America of the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE), would be responsible for leading the national delegation.

However, he also mentioned that a few hours after starting the ceremony, the Government of Mexico definitively canceled its assistance. “Great decision!” Added the columnist.

The information, in addition, was confirmed by Daniel Millán, head of the secretary’s office Marcelo Ebrard, through their official social networks, and in response to a tweet from deputy Gabriel Quadri.

“It is not planned to send a delegation or representative of the SRE to the protest in Nicaragua,” he wrote in his account. Twitter @dmillan.

Initial information, published by the news agency EFE, highlighted that representatives of different nations such as Mexico, Argentina, Belarus, Bolivia, Cuba, Turkey, Venezuela and Vietnam, they would be at the ceremony.

Rosario Murillo, wife of Daniel Ortega, president will assume his fifth five-year term, the fourth consecutive one in Nicaragua, said that the presence of the different nations would even be “at the level of foreign ministers.”

* Information in development …

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