Long lines and no healthy distance outside the Hospital de la Raza: IMSS recommends processing appointments via digital

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In full swing of infections due to the new wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Hospital La Raza of the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS), one of the most important health centers in Mexico City, registered long lines of various patients very early looking to get a medical appointment.

According to user information, the chaos is mainly due to the fact that this Monday the appointments for specialties that had been suspended since mid-November were resumed. For this reason, people began to arrive at dawn to access public health services.

According to information from the media Newscast, from 4 in the morning the first patients began to arrive to enter the institution and schedule with a specialist. However, in the hours that followed, the outskirts of the facilities were soon overwhelmed by an excessive influx.

Around 12:00 in the afternoon, the place was full of citizens trying to access health services, including, via Twitter several fights were reported by people joining the ranks. It was also reported that the authorities were not doing much to control and organize the chaos.

“Oh friends! The Hospital de la Raza is a mess to make appointments, nor did they remember the healthy distance the line goes around the hospital “said the user Fiki.

Access to the facilities is being given only to those who were able to process a consultation in advance and to those who go to the pharmacy areaHowever, entry is still restricted by hospital security. There are complaints among the crowd about the poor planning of the Medical Center and theThe excessive numbers of people that make it impossible to keep a healthy distance.

It is an alarming situation because Just this Saturday, January 8, 2022, a total of 30,000 new cases of covid-19 were registered. It is also worrying because the health authorities of Mexico and the world have reported that the new variant known as Ómicron, spreads faster and stays in the air for longer.

Given these facts, the IMSS social communication coordination He explained that the procedures for making appointments are available on his website. He invited those affected to manage their queries online and thus avoid leaving the house and reduce the risks in the event of a health emergency.

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