Lee Jae-myung, former captain of the Labor Committee, visits the parcel delivery union’s hunger strike

▲ On the 10th, the Labor Committee of the Democratic Party’s Election Countermeasures Committee visited CJ Logistics headquarters in front of CJ Group’s headquarters and had a conversation. Rep. Kim Joo-young, chairman of the Standing Committee of the Labor Committee, greets the protesters.

Amid the prolonged strike of CJ Logistics courier workers, the Labor Committee of the Democratic Party’s Presidential Candidate Election Countermeasures Committee, Lee Jae-myung, visited the National Delivery Workers’ Union (Chairman Jin Kyung-ho)’s hunger strike. It is noteworthy whether it will become a watershed in resolving the situation ahead of the special season of the Lunar New Year holiday.

At noon on the 10th, the Labor Relations Commission visited the National Delivery Service Union’s Singles Farmers’ Association in front of CJ Group’s headquarters in Jung-gu, Seoul and held a meeting with the union. The meeting was attended by Kim Joo-young, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, who served as the permanent co-chair of the Labor Committee; On the union side, there were Chairman Jin Kyung-ho, Service Federation Chairman Kang Gyu-hyuk, and Kim Tae-wan, senior vice chairman of the labor union, who was fasting. The union has been on strike for the 13th day, and 11 people, including senior vice chairman Kim, have been on a five-day fast.

The union demanded that CJ Logistics check whether or not CJ Logistics is fully using the increase in courier fees according to the social agreement to improve the treatment of workers. Chairman Jin Kyung-ho said, “It is important to check whether the situation in which about 60% of the parcel price increase goes to the profits of courier companies violates social consensus, but the government is dismissing it as a labor-management problem. However, we have to untangle the thread from determining whether CJ Korea Express is taking huge profits by raising the delivery cost.”

Rep. Kim Joo-young said, “I thought that the parcel delivery issue was settled to some extent through social consensus, but it was not finished neatly and it is heartbreaking that (workers) come out on the streets. We will discuss whether this can come out,” he said.

This week is expected to be a watershed in resolving the situation. The union urged the convening of the ‘social consensus organization for the prevention of overworked couriers’ to check the implementation of the social agreement. Kang Gyu-hyuk, chairman of the Service Federation, said, “We are asking the parties to gather together to determine whether the union is making unreasonable claims or CJ Korea Express is taking unreasonable profits. I don’t have time,” he said.

The union plans to expand the hunger strike on the 14th to 100 members participating, and hold a sit-down in front of the Democratic Party of Korea through the trade struggle of union members before the 18th.


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