Hyundai Steel Office Research Workers’ Union Requested Negotiation

Hyundai Motor Group’s Respect for Talents The Hyundai Steel branch of the Office Research Workers’ Union recently requested negotiations with Hyundai Steel. It is noteworthy whether negotiations with the management will be possible in the presence of a production workers’ union.

The branch announced on the 9th that “in accordance with due process on the 6th, we have sent an official letter requesting negotiations to the company.” The branch has about 200 members.

The union was established in April last year. It drew attention as it revealed that it represents the voices of office workers and research workers of the MZ generation while taking a different direction from the existing union activities centered on manufacturing workers. It did not negotiate with the Hyundai Motor Group. The plan is to set up branches for each affiliate and negotiate wages and collective bargaining.

The Hyundai Steel branch became the first runner. The branch held a general meeting through the video conference program ZOOM in October of last year and decided to establish the branch. Dong-ho Shin, vice chairman of the labor union, served as the first branch manager. As the branch requests negotiations with Hyundai Steel, it will go through the process of unifying the counter with the Hyundai Steel branch of the metallurgical union.

There are five branches of Hyundai Steel (Suncheon, Pohang, Incheon, Dangjin, and Dangjin Hysco) in the metal union.

The branch said, “Our union will be able to conduct individual negotiations only for office workers if there are no special problems. and participation,” he said.

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