Güero Caldos, a member of the Tepito Union, fell again

Güero Caldos was arrested while selling drugs to another subject (Photo: SSC)

Alejandro “N”, El Güero Broths, member of the cartel The Union Tepito, was detained by elements of the Secretariat for Citizen Security (SSC), who caught him selling drugs on the streets of the Morelos neighborhood, in Mexico City.

The alleged offender was arrested in the Liberty street, almost on the corner with Palma Norte, in the neighborhood in the center of the capital, a place where he was intercepted by intelligence agents of the capital’s police when he tried to sell drugs to Luis “N”, the Pipen.

According to the version of the policemen, El Güero Broths pointed a gun to the security elements after having asked him to cooperate with a routine search, for which the uniformed officers detained both subjects and placed them at the disposal of the public prosecutor.

The alleged offender was in possession of a nine-millimeter pistol with its respective magazine, 89 bags of cocaine on stone and 82 with marijuana, drugs that he hid in a black backpack, which also contained thousand 400 pesos in cash.

The detainee would have ties with senior leaders of La Unión Tepito (Photo: Twitter / @siete_letras)
The detainee would have ties with senior leaders of La Unión Tepito (Photo: Twitter / @siete_letras)

Alejandro “N”, 22, will be investigated by local authorities, as an investigation folder was opened against him due to the nature of his crime and his criminal record.

In the same neighborhood, El Güero Caldos it was detained on February 1, 2021 after a police operation in which they were also arrested 5 other alleged members of La Unión Tepito, who carried out the assault on a passerby.

The six criminals were surprised by elements of the CDMX SSC when they carried out the crime, before which they tried to hitting the road aboard multiple motorcycles, for which they were pursued by the uniformed, resulting in their capture in the Granada street from the neighborhood to the center of the Mexican capital.

Upon their arrest, they were secured a shotgun, two square type pistols and 22 useful cartridges, which were sent to the Public Ministry as evidence for the opening of the investigation folder in the case.

The detainees respond to the names of Edwin, 21; Ricardo, 24 years old; Eliot, 27; and Eduardo, 30, who were aboard five motorcycles, which were also secured by local police.

The criminal operated in the streets of the Morelos neighborhood (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
The criminal operated in the streets of the Morelos neighborhood (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

“It should be noted that, according to information obtained derived from the tours and operational deployments in the City Center, it was learned that the detainees possibly They are part of a criminal group dedicated to robbing passersby and buyers in areas such as Polanco, as well as extortion collection to merchants in the Historic Center ”, commented the agency through a statement.

According to journalist Antonio Nieto, the criminals would work to El Picazo and El Chuy, who in turn are operators of El Chori, one of the top leaders of La Unión Tepito and one of the most sought after by capital authorities.

According to reports from the SSC, Luis Ramírez Tiburcio, The Chori operates in the area of Manuel Dolado, in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, this has been detected by the intelligence work carried out by elements of this agency.

Likewise, those involved in the crime would have links with The chaparro, who is responsible for drug distribution in the Gustavo A. Madero mayor’s office and the area of ​​the State of Mexico that borders this town.

El Chaparro would be the intellectual author of the murder of two merchants in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, in which two women died in December 2020; crime for which he is investigated by the SSC.


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